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  1. Every time I attempt to trim a video or add music in Advance Video Wave using Roxio Creator NXT, I receive a message... "Video Wave Stop Working" The system closes. Here is my computer information: I have attempted to turn off my firewall and protection and repair, however, that did not work... Suggestions: System: Processor: intel® core i5 cpu @ ghz; Memory 8 GB; Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics; Directx version: Direct 11. Running on Windows 8; Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I currently purchased Roxio Creator NXT to go with my new Windows 8 HP desk top. Every time I trim my video clip by marking the start and end mark and hit ok, I receive a message the following message "Video Wave has stopped working". Window is not closing... Does anyone have any solution to this problem. Please help
  3. SharonT

    Adding Pictures

    I hope I can explain this clearly... This is what I would like to do in Roxio, however, it is possible and if so, how? I would like to take 10 individual pictures and have them transition into the production. At the same time leaving the existing picture (s) to remain showing. I would eventually have all 10 pictures showing at the same time. It would be like building a composite picture. It is similiar to making a power point presentation were items can "fly" in. I just now want to do it with pictures in Roxio. Any suggestions. Sharon
  4. Thanks everyone for your help.. I did a save "Output As" a video file. That work and my video was a sucess.
  5. I could really use some help.. I have created 6 Productions in Videowave and now want to combine these into one continue movie in MyDVD. Is this possible? If so, could you please give me step by step directions. If it is not possible, do you have another solution. My 6 productions total about 40 minutes. I am in charge of the class dvd and it is due tuesday. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks Sharon