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    New version here

    I bought the Pro version (upgrade) but where is Win Zip 6.5? It is not in the ProContent package. Never mind I found it it was in the ToastPro17.pkg And I was hoping this Pro could also burn UHD Blu-ray disc's, perhaps a feature request ?
  2. Triumph

    Toast 11 Don't Start Up

    Hello, When I want to start Toast 11 it will not start up (The program does not response) I have 11.1 1067. I removed prefs (plist) no success . I download update 11.1 1067 again from website roxio installed again (the 'old' version is in mac old) start again still not working. Some part of crash report. I did not want to send whole part because of length, i needed I will post it Startup disc is a SSD 480 GB Date/Time: 2013-05-12 10:26:27 +0200 OS Version: 10.8.3 (Build 12D78) Architecture: x86_64 Report Version: 11 Command: Toast Titanium Path: /Applications/Toast 11 Titanium/Toast Titanium.app/Contents/MacOS/Toast Titanium Version: 11.1 (1067) (11.1) Parent: launchd [191] PID: 14651 Event: hang Duration: 1.56s Steps: 16 (100ms sampling interval) Hardware model: MacBookPro8,3 Active cpus: 8 Free pages: 38265 pages (-2407) Pageins: 2 pages Pageouts: 0 pages Process: Toast Titanium [14651] Path: /Applications/Toast 11 Titanium/Toast Titanium.app/Contents/MacOS/Toast Titanium Architecture: i386 Parent: launchd [191] UID: 501 Task size: 6999 pages
  3. Triumph

    Toast Pro 11

    Hello, I have read that the Toast 11 Pro does need a plugin to create Blu ray discs? Why? Or can I use the plugin from version 10 I had hoped that for Blu ray video disc creation there where more possibilities . Perhaps Roxio must think of some like DVD SP for Blu ray, but just like iDVD but than Blu ray would be very very nice
  4. Triumph

    Blu-ray On Dvd-r - Menus Don't Work

    And there is now b3
  5. Triumph

    New Something Something

  6. THere is a Toast Beta 2 with FCP markers support, we are only waiting for Patatrox. He said it wil be on the net in the first week of july. But I think he is on a holiday. Haven't heard anything, also no on in the beta group is responding, well ok, 1 or 2 persons.
  7. Triumph

    Blu-ray On Dvd-r - Menus Don't Work

    You could downloaded it yourself. But patatrox did say there would be a second beta 10.0.3b2 (first week of june) but there is still b1
  8. Triumph

    Blu-ray On Dvd-r - Menus Don't Work

    Is working, with the latest firmware (it was back in april I tried) Blu-Ray was with NO autoplay on insert. Menu was working. Only chapter working, according to Roxio they won't support markers from Final Cut, from Toast 10. Why they don't support FCP menu markers???? The only program which can make Menu Markers and most people use them but Roxio thinks not as everybody else here on this form.
  9. Triumph

    Sony Blu-ray And Toast 10

    It is what late but The Blu Ray burned with Toast 10 do work now on a Sony 350 And I did not have selected play movie first. It start with the Menu
  10. Triumph

    Sony Blu-ray And Toast 10

    About Sony players. I have a PS3 and the Blu Ray starts with the menu. I will test it tomorrow on a 350 to see if it need the first startmovie (The 350 has now new firmware and perhaps it wil now show the menu, the last time, 2 mnds ago, it did not)
  11. Triumph

    Disc Size Brun Size And Real Size

    Hello, I burnd several Blu Ray but they where never close to the full disc size. Yesterday I did brun 4 files which where proress422 and HD 1440 x 1080(from HDV) to Blu Ray 1. 42.22 GB 56m 32 sec 2. 12.96 GB 17m 43 sec 3. 41.78 GB 56m 56 sec 4. 20.22 GB 23m 15 sec Al ok, i choose a menu and choose submenu's and the processbar unde rin the Toast window did go up and I had left 347,7 MB disc space My Mac rendered form 20.00 until 24.30. And i did take a look the next day addn it shows it had 382 MB disk space to short so it would not burn? I shorten the las movie to 19m 44 sec adn I did burned a lovely wedding video on Blu Ray. But is this a bug ? The bar showed me I had left 347,7 MB Toast was showing my disk wil be 22.28 GB the space on a Blu Ray is 22.56 GB And after encoding it was saying that it needed 22.94 GB and it had for 380 MB no more space. Good this be more precise? And my customer it no so happy with the menu structure on Blu Ray. They want to have it like the SD version (Chapter makers from FCP)
  12. Triumph

    Blu-ray On Dvd-r - Menus Don't Work

    I have the same problem. I do have a Blu ray burner. I have Toast 10 Pro. I made my Blu Ray with first play a movie. That worked. I made a Menu for 3 films. That is working on my Playstation 3. But when I play the Blu Ray in a Sony BDPS-350 it is als working (first play a movie) on the end of the movie it play's the next movie. But it doesn't acces the Menu. Even when I push the menu button on the remote of the Sony BDPS-350 it just doesn't work. And on the Playstation 3 it does work. Why not on the most selling Blu Ray player from Sony they BDPS-350?
  13. Triumph

    Blu-ray Chapter Menus Fixed?

    I Also did buy the upgrade to Toast 10 Pro fo my Blu Ray DVD's It is very sorry to read that Roxio is ignoring the wishes of his customers to have the chapter markers where we put them in the FCP's time line. This is the way we Apple users work. And sorry chapter makers after each minute or so is not what we users want. Please make use of the the Chapters in final cut pro and if possible make use of the sequence setting which is starting on (as option because FCE is using On this moment Toast 10 is the only (Mac OS X) authoring Blu Ray program which is payable, Encore does come only with Premiere Pro and is to expensive for use of only the Blu Ray part.
  14. Triumph

    Toast 10?

    Very rarely someone from Roxio sales respons, the are only interested in our money. I heard from other users on this forum that the (Blu Ray) Menu's still don't work
  15. Triumph

    Toast 10?

    A new update with still no function on Blu Ray menu's? Why are they asking for another 140 euro for what perhaps issn't fixed! And if it is fixed why doesn't Toast9 with HD plug get a fix! This likes like ripping people off. Are you listening Roxio?!?!?!?!?!