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  1. Help Me With Roxio

    FYI, your other posts are locked now. There is no need to have 3 discussions in the same area regarding the same topic. If a complete uninstall does not fix the problem, then I would suspect that something is wrong in Windows itself and it may require a reinstallation.
  2. Retaining Song Names On Cd

    Many Mac drives dont support CD-Text. Some even support writing it, but not reading it. Test in a home stereo setup or your car's CD player if you have one.
  3. Can I Make A Bootable Iso File?

    You can make a bootable ISO, but Toast wont do it automatically for you. Your best bet is to google Windows bootable CD instructions or something similar to that and get details on what exactly is involved in creating the disc. Once you have the data organized the way Windows needs it, you can then use Toast to burn and ISO compliant disc.
  4. Toast Titanium 9.0.1 Media Browser Won't Show Songs

    Hmm, have you moved it after installing Toast? Did it work before you moved it? Sorry, to ask so many questions, but honestly I am kind of stumped.
  5. Toast 9 Blu-ray: Awesome, But...

    This is the 2nd report I have heard of this symptom, but I have not personally had this problem. Specifically which options have you changed so far?
  6. Toast Titanium 9.0.1 Media Browser Won't Show Songs

    Have you moved your iTunes library to a non-standard location?
  7. Keep Getting A Message

    It sounds like that Video_TS folder itself may have a problem. Try with a different Video_TS folder.
  8. First Play But Play Once Only In Hd Dvd

    Make sure the option for "Play all items continuously" is not checked. That should do it.
  9. Toast Won't Launch

    It has been registered as a bug in our database, but its not a super high priority unfortunately. I have had some users say that a DVI to VGA adapter was enough to fool the system into thinking a display was attached but that didn't work for others.
  10. Crashing

    I burn muliti-disc sets all the time. I generally dont have a need to go above 4 or 5 discs though. I didn't see which version of Toast you are running so make sure you grab the latest update off of our web site if you haven't already. I am also starting to suspect you may need to run some disc repair utilities on the system. My personal preference is Disk Warrior.
  11. Videowave-sound Plays But No Video

    The first thing to do is update the drivers for your video card. Then try again and let us know if the problem persists.
  12. Why Does Toast 9 Add Time To Audio Tracks?

    Make sure are using the latest version as well. We had some bugs related to audio length in 9.0
  13. Video Copy & Convert Hangs At 0%

    Try switching the encoder over from hardware (if that is how it is set) to software and see if that makes any difference.
  14. Retaining Song Names On Cd

    There should be an option in the Audio CD format for "Add CD Text"
  15. Isrc Info Problems

    I actually had to do some reasearch on this one. From what I can tell the ISRC information is not saved when exporting to Bin/Cue. This has been logged as a bug although it may just be a missing feature.