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  1. Videowave hangs during rendering

    Unfortunately the problem has returned Jim. It seems no matter what I do (I did repair, then uninstall & re-install again) it finds a way to return. Sometimes it renders all the way through but most of the time it does not. Thank you for the warning about SSD drives. I was not aware as this is the first computer I have owned with an SSD.
  2. Videowave hangs during rendering

    Did the repair first. Problem persisted. Then did the uninstall/reinstall. Problem persisted. I thought you might be right about that thing with a possibly corrupt file. So I re-did the whole production from top to bottom thinking something might have been corrupted during the save process. This time it worked. Now the problem is back after I created an entirely new production using none of the previous production's files. You're right, this is getting VERY annoying!
  3. Videowave hangs during rendering

    I try to make sure nothing else is running during that process. I do not have antivirus or email running. Sometimes an internet browser is open but not usually. I thought I had the problem solved yesterday because although the problem persisted after uninstall/reinstall, I had to redo the video production in its entirety and it worked like a charm. Now, though, the problem has started again using a different video production. I have a solid state hard drive, and I did try a defrag just the same to start off with.
  4. While rendering video files, the program just suddenly stops working. There is no pattern to how far along the rendering is; it can be as little as 12% complete or 84% complete. It just stops working and the Task Manager indicates that the program is simply not responding. It's never done this before & I can't think of anything done recently that might have triggered it off. I have tried shutting down & restarting the computer but the problem persists. Ideas? (This was previously posted in a different area for the wrong product, and is being re-posted here).
  5. Blu-Ray Refuses To Burn!

    I have tried burning an image file but the software does the same thing (stops after 5%). I have also tried rendering using both hardware & software but the result is always the same. Most of the time I have tried using the 'burn to disc' option but the result is always the same. Video drivers are current.
  6. Blu-Ray Refuses To Burn!

    I recently downloaded/installed the Blu_ray burning plugin for this software. Whenever I have tried to burn a Blu-Ray it cancels after 5%. No error message is given. What to do?
  7. Got it working using your suggestion! I thought it might be a problem with cached files. Thanks Jim!!!
  8. I am running into problems trying to burn discs. I am continuously getting an 'out of memory' error when trying to burn a DVD. While being no expert I have seen this before with other programs & it seems to relate to where the temporary files are stored for burning. Unfortunately, I can't change that directory & I suspect it defaults to the system drive (which is largely eaten up by Windows). Any ideas/suggestions? NXT4 is installed on a drive with over 1 TB of free memory.
  9. Frequent Crashes - Split

    Fixed!!!!!! An update to Windows 10 that replaced the previous update appears to have fixed the problem. Thank you all for your suggestions.
  10. Frequent Crashes - Split

    Yes, I am. It (Photoshop/Premiere Elements) will stop working & give the same error message as I get with this program. Another thing it has started doing is refusing to recognize burning hardware (when I check the hardware using the control panel, it says 'device is working properly').
  11. Frequent Crashes - Split

    Not sure if this would help, but would rolling back to Windows 8.1 do any good? I have noticed a lot of programs giving me crash/hang errors in addition to this one (Adobe Photoshop, MalwareBytes AntiMalware) and I can't fix the errors. I know this is grasping at straws but I am getting more than a little frustrated with programs crashing all the time.
  12. Frequent Crashes - Split

    Here it is.... DxDiag1.txt
  13. Frequent Crashes - Split

    Tried this approach exactly as you stated. Program crashed within minutes of starting work. I think I know what may be the problem now; my computer downloaded updates for Windows 10 a few days ago & I suspect the updates have messed up the software's ability to stay running. Not sure but given that every method you have tried has failed, this seems to be the only logical explanation. If anyone else has any ideas I am open to them!
  14. Tried this exact approach, including REVO uninstaller. Problem STILL persists. I bought this software as a replacement for NXT 2 thinking the bugs might have been worked out. I was obviously wrong. I also am using Windows 10 which seems to be a common thread with a lot of these programs failing, although NXT 4 is deemed compatible with Windows 10. Any suggestions? I am very disappointed with Roxio's software after this one.
  15. Funny you mention that, I thought the same thing. So I went ahead & bought Roxio NXT 4. Guess what? Same problem occurs!!! I am going on that board to try to fix it.