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  1. Nxt 6 Is Not Working

    Thanks, yes very frustrating. I submitted my "letter of destruction" (for the refund) - so, all traces of NXT 6 have been removed from my PC. I'm about to reinstall my retail copy of NXT 5 & hoping it goes smooth.
  2. Nxt 6 Is Not Working

    I uninstalled NXT 6 & requested a refund. I'm now about to reinstall my copy of NXT 5. Thanks for everyone's help.
  3. Nxt 6 Is Not Working

    Thank you. I called the cust svc number yesterday 877-582-6735 & spoke to someone in India who suggested that I uninstall NXT 6 from ---> control panel ----> uninstall programs. I went ahead and uninstalled everything that is Corel & Roxio NXT 6 related & then reinstalled NXT 6 w/Norton disabled, & then rebooted, etc. It did not solve the problem. I cannot use NXT 6 with corrupted audio in each production. Cust Svc said I need to go to findmyorder.com & submit for refund there... and then when I reinstall my copy of NXT 5, I may need to get a technician if my key code won't work (they will have to change it in the computer - something like that)... I'm extremely disappointed with NXT 6.
  4. Nxt 6 Is Not Working

    Thanks, but I'm just not having any luck. The audio when using video wave in NXT 6 seems to just become corrupted without any explanation. I've attached zoomed in screen captures of normal & corrupted audio.
  5. Nxt 6 Is Not Working

    Repair Install is complete, but it's still not working. Each video clip I try in each new production... same thing happens: the audio becomes corrupted... Any suggestions? Should I try to re-install not using the repair install option?
  6. Nxt 6 Is Not Working

    FYI: There is no option to do a repair install. It is prompting me to UNINSTALL. Woops... nevermind.. i found the repair option. thnx
  7. Nxt 6 Is Not Working

    Yes, I don't see anything unusual in the timeline audio track. The sound/audio simply becomes corrupted... I also tried to save and then export, but no luck.. the audio still is corrupted. Will try the defrag/repair install & go from there.
  8. Nxt 6 Is Not Working

    How many installs am I allowed? I didn't know they are limited. Come to think of it, the initial NXT 6 install failed. I had to try a 2nd attempt to get it to install, and downloading it now seems like a bad decision... I should've bought the retail version on disc, like I did with NXT 5. I'm not sure if it counted twice to install since technically it failed to complete the install on my 1st attempt. I will attempt a defrag & repair install & will make sure Norton is disabled. Hopefully, they will allow me to even attempt a repair install. Where does it say limited install attempts?
  9. Nxt 6 Is Not Working

    i listened to the audio of my clip (outside of Roxio) and there are no issues... it seems that when i load the clip into Roxio (videowave) the audio gets corrupted at about 7 minutes if i make edits... if i am just playing the unedited clip in videowave, the audio becomes corrupt at about 12:40. this is without me doing anything.
  10. Nxt 6 Is Not Working

    Is anyone else having audio issues in NXT 6 while editing video with Video Wave? I loaded another video and same thing keeps happening... I make several edits and about at seven minutes into my video production, the audio becomes corrupted.
  11. Nxt 6 Is Not Working

    This is what I meant: http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/122772-your-version-is-out-of-date-creator-nxt-5-sp1164300-kb/?do=findComment&comment=529351
  12. Nxt 6 Is Not Working

    I mean click on Help ---> Check For Updates... I got one or two updates to NXT 5 this way.
  13. Nxt 6 Is Not Working

    Thank you. I may have to seek a refund since I can't edit a video longer than 7 minutes with NXT 6 (or the audio gets corrupted). My biggest concern right now is that when I get to about 7 minutes into editing a video, the entire audio (at that point and beyond) becomes corrupted. For example, I am trying to edit a 19 minute video right now. As soon as my production gets to 7 minutes in length, the audio goes bad... I happen to be on PANEL 18 (storyline). Apparently, I have to keep my production to less than 7 minutes or the audio gets corrupted. I don't know how to fix this.
  14. Nxt 6 Is Not Working

    I bought the new Creator NXT 6. Can someone please tell me when there will be an update to fix many of the issues I am having? Screen capture still does not work, and there are various problems with video wave. When I am editing video, the audio somehow gets corrupted... not to mention, the new tracking feature doesn't work (and is way too basic to even be usefull). Overall, I am really disappointed & am thinking about getting a refund or disputing the charge. I now have to go through the process of uninstalling & reinstalling NXT 5 (or making the switch to something like Adobe Premiere Pro). Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also, why are there no forum topics for NTX 6? Windows 7 Home Premium Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601 System Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard System Model h9-1215t System Type x64-based PC Processor Intel® Core i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 24.0 GB
  15. Record Your Screen (Does Not Work)

    Yes, seen both.. 0 & 48.... Many thanks to you Brendon (and Jim).. I will check out the Corel forum to see what I can find. I wanted to migrate from ScreenCast-O-Matic to the Roxio Screen Capture... cuz they charge an annual fee if you don't want the free version. Btw, not relevant to this thread, but I see that Corel is offering a $20 upgrade fee to go from Aftershot 3 (came included) to Aftershot PRO 3? Also, the "FastFlick" program that was bundled... I like it, but it's a SLLLLOOOOOW render & they only include a few templates... but apparently you have to pay extra to get the rest of the templates???