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  1. theoldarchiver

    Roxio Corel Please Fix This Error!

    That was reported to forum admins more than 5 months ago, and ignored ever since.
  2. theoldarchiver

    Toast 17.1 Download.

    MacUpdate has the link to the 17.2 Update file on Roxio’s servers. (448.2 MB)
  3. theoldarchiver

    Dragging many songs to the content area

    No application can do that, without making one big file. Such is the nature of an MP3 disc.
  4. theoldarchiver

    Video is rotated after importing

    What phone and what video format? Toast takes the MOV videos from my iPhone as-is, with the intended orientation. You may have to use an external editor, like iMovie, to do a rotation.
  5. theoldarchiver

    Unable to burn BD discs

    Last time I checked, Verbatim “DataLife” was still a good choice.
  6. theoldarchiver

    How to deal with .disc files

    .disc files can be Toast project files, with only a description and links to the content, as you can probably tell from the file size. Without the original linked files, the project files are useless. The project file would not be something to archive. You would normally open the .disc files from the File﹥Open menu, or by double-clicking the file icon. That part of Toast hasn’t changed at all. It could very well give difficulties across versions, as small changes in how the application wants information for a project, might render the old format inaccessible. In early 2007, Toast version 8 was released. Is Toast 7 or 8 a likely candidate for creating that file back then?
  7. theoldarchiver

    Won't Burn, Getting Message "the Connection Is Not Stable."

    Would that the 16.1 (4867) update, or did you get something else to fix it?
  8. theoldarchiver

    Toast 17 MAC and Mojave

    Mojave final is out. Does it still error?
  9. theoldarchiver

    Error message when burning on a BD- disc

    Mac OS Error Code -9999 stands for “cannotMoveAttachedController”. I don’t know what that means in this context, and it could even be a secondary error that isn’t related to the actual cause. One of the possible issues with encoding and burning in one go, is that the USB drive might go to sleep mode, and therefore not be ready when it is time to do the burning process. Set Toast to “Prevent App Nap” in the Get Info window in Finder. Set computer to Energy Saver to have the computer never sleep and to not “put disks to sleep when possible” (uncheck) during this. Alternatively, try saving as Disk Image first, to split the process in two steps, so you can do burning only when the first step completed successfully without errors.
  10. theoldarchiver

    WINZIP within Toast Pro 17

    Just a guess, based on previous experiences with other apps: Verify your date, time, time zone (location), as that may mess with certain authentication methods, if these are not set correctly.
  11. theoldarchiver

    Toast vs Creator NXT 6

    The users that frequent the NXT 6 forum may know more about its features than the users here.
  12. theoldarchiver

    Customized menu page with customized buttons

    With Toast or MyDVD you have to choose one of the menu styles/themes, with up to 6 buttons. Button number 7 would go to a next page (or 4+3, if you set the limits differently). You can change the background, and text color, but this software doesn’t feature the customization that you describe. When you click a particular button, it will take you to that clip, play it, and then go back to the menu. That is default behavior.
  13. theoldarchiver

    No Video Signal

    From your post, all I get about your issue is in the title: “No Video Signal”. The rest of your post doesn’t seem to address what is going on with the current experience with this software. It would be helpful if you could elaborate about you setup, which steps you took, etc. You seem to want to exclude hardware from your investigation. How would you know if the capture device was damaged or not? Easy VHS to DVD 1.0.5 is from June 2011, when developers were making apps for 10.6 Snow Leopard and in anticipation of 10.7 Lion a few weeks later. This application has been reported to work, without dispute, with 10.7 and 10.8, but unknown for other OSs, on Roaring Apps. Roxio’s own system requirements list only Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5 or 10.6. I feel that Roxio should have tested later OS versions, as they still offer the product today. Any 32-bit application will get the warning in High Sierra 10.13.4 or later. And it is a warning (about Apple’s plans for the future), not an error. However, the OS publisher (Apple) has no obligation to keep supporting all applications unchanged forever in later versions of the OS. There are other changes in the OS that might break compatibility with some older software; that would be conceivable. Some applications need updates for newer operation systems, but Roxio has not shown any effort in this regard, nor made any statement if such is needed or not.
  14. theoldarchiver

    New version here

    I interpreted the Hi-Def feature the other way around: ‘Pro’ includes the Blu-ray plugin, but the standard version can use the plugin as a separate purchase.
  15. theoldarchiver

    Waiting for Toast 17 Forum!