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  1. Since the OP has returned the Cyberlink program; perhaps we should close out this thread. The OP has Creator 2012; perhaps someone can suggest how he can get a menu the way he wants and still have room on the DVD?
  2. Save your self a lot of grief and spend $30 for "Sure Thing" Deluxe label maker. The label maker that is in the Roxio program is a light and corrupted version of an early version and hasn't worked well in several. iterations. Typically it remembers only the top two titles and forgets the rest. You would have to add the others manually and hope that they are not forgotten. If you get it just right and you printer allows for it, it will print to a CD or DVD.
  3. This topic

    I think that the OP wants to remove a MyDVD project from his computer.  He was probably able to remove the program but not the dmsm (or whatever the MYDVD extension is/was.

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      I think I already suggested something along those lines Steve to the OP. Or suggested that he placed the program itself

      on his computer somewhere with some given name but the program can't find it. Not sure if he remembers what the name of the DMSD file is when he saved it.

      I haven't replied to his last post but I think you are probably right about what is happening.


    3. sknis


      and so ? 



      continue checking all the posts Steve. Including Brendon's

  4. sknis

    MyDVD alternatives...

    Keep using VideoWave and try the Free version of Cyberlink's Power to Go Essentials for the burning. When the trial expires, you will lose some of the advanced features but will still have the basic ones.
  5. Jim B said "Fortunately, I got it free" Was it free because you got it with a piece of hardware? If so, it is a teaser (OEM) version and may have several programs disabled. Creator 2012 is better than that BUT it depends on what you are doing with the software. Remember that high definition, 360 degree camcorders etc. are all relatively new and may not be in 2012 but should be in NXT4. Newer than those you may need to further upgrade.
  6. sknis

    Crash problem

    … and also what Windows version you are running
  7. sknis

    Simply won't open!

    Please post the Windows dxdiag.exe text file so we can see what you are using and if there are any error messages. Did you have your antivirus active during the installation? What kind of video file are you trying to add (format) and what camera did you use to take the video. Did you transfer the video to a folder on your computer's hard drive?
  8. Also remember that there are several types of "jpg" compression files. It is highly unlikely but if all else fails, look at the source and compression type.
  9. sknis

    NXT6pro--My DVD won't load, crashes

    Something is installed incorrectly. When you installed NT6 Pro, you should have "lost" access to NXT 5. Why did you buy MyDVD when it was already installed as part of NXT 6 (and 5)? Why are there subfolders for "Custom Brands" and "Sonic Text"? Did you buy that version of NXT 5 directly from Roxio or a reputable site or from a Vendor like one on e-Bay? That DIM.exe looks a lot like something from Corel and Roxio being corrupted (Read this) Did you buy both versions? Corel owns Roxio and has rebranded some of Roxio's programs for their use (and vice versa).
  10. I doubt that there have been substantial improvements in that program between 5 and 6. That is not a consensus but could be depending on how many others respond.
  11. sknis

    ISO Burn Issue

    I agree with Walt; I made some music DVDs awhile back and had to use a bunch of images to go with it. I used the album covers. I can't remember what program I used. Does your DVD player have the ability to play thumb drives (memory sticks)? That may be an alternative to have a lot more audio to play without changing out the media being played. Correction: Just remembered that the program was "Create DVD Music Discs" in the Music/Audio section of the program. You may have to rip the ISO file back to the individual music tracks and then make the DVD Music disc. Apparently the program adds the proper navigation to the disc. No images necessary.
  12. sknis

    My DVD error code 325484656

    Are you using top quality discs? Have you upgraded to the latest version of Windows 10?
  13. sknis

    Video Wave Audio "Fuzzy"

    Well it looks like the two computers are nowhere alike. It looks like you have a problem with the skydrive that you may want to fix or disable. Do you have the audio turned up all the way so you get clipping of the audio? Since that is a laptop, make sure that you have the built in microphone muted. Does this happen with other than the TV programs you have recorded? I'm grasping at straws here so you may want to contact Roxio/Corel support to see if they can duplicate the problem and fix it.
  14. How do you plan to play the cd with wav files? Cd players are not designed to play wav files so you would have to use another device. c2d files are audio disc image. You'll need to burn that image file using another program (Burn disc image).
  15. sknis

    Video Wave Audio "Fuzzy"

    Thanks, now if we could get the other people who have the problem to add theirs then we could see if there is something in common. BTW, I noticed that your graphics drivers are 3 years old; there may be updates. The same thing for your audio drivers. Audio drivers are not updated as often as graphics but check and update as needed anyway. Do you have the audio turned up all the way so you get clipping of the audio? If that is a laptop, make sure that you have the built in microphone muted. Your i3 is underpowered for video editing (my experience). You may want to set your computer to "performance" rather than "Quality" Look at the end of the dxdiag file. There are several errors - some to do with a photo editing issue, some to do with internet, etc. If you search for the errors, you may find solutions.