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  1. Video Wave Audio "Fuzzy"

    Scott, please post the Windows dxdiag.exe evaluation of your computer. Perhaps the others having the same issue will post theirs also so we can find common hardware that might be involved.
  2. Video Wave Audio "Fuzzy"

    Perhaps Jim should have indicated that he processed a similar project based on the information you provided. By your responses, you seem to suggest that your files (and computer) are the only ones that cause this problem (not the ones that Jim used). Perhaps it is time to look at your files and audio devices. Remember this is NOT tech support. We are users just like you with maybe a little more experience who try to help.

    You made a movie (WMV). it is no longer a slide show. If you saved the photo slide show while you were making the original creation and edits you can edit that in VideoWave. If you haven't, you can edit the "movie" but it is not easy or quick. You might just be better off starting from scratch.
  4. SantaFe Texas

    Today - 9 or 10 people at the High School.
  5. SP2 will not install

    What is the last character in the first set of number in the build number (as Frank posted above). Is it "A" or "H"? I think "H" is the latest build but since no one knows what it does, it is probably not important.
  6. SP2 will not install

    Have you ever reinstalled the program? The first thing the installer does is to check for updates. Perhaps your was done then without changing the Build Number.. I think the "H" means SP2 was installed from the program; you still have the "A'. I would not worry about it since it does everything it is supposed to.
  7. SP2 will not install

    Frank, I'm pretty sure that I installed the SP2 update with no virus warning. Looking at the version, mine is the same as yours shown except I have an "H" were you have an "A". Sorry, I can't find the SP2 download file.
  8. SP2 will not install

    Frank, you may have a problem; you already have SP2 but your screenshot indicates it is not up to date. SP2 is the latest update. I ran Defender and Kapersky and neither saw a problem. The update is from the Corel/Roxio program itself.
  9. PreachinPoet

    Please remember that this is a public users forum and not tech support. Please do not post ticket numbers (we can't look them up) and never post product keys because others may use the keys to activate pirated software. Just to make sure, were you disconnected from the internet and have your antivirus turned off during the install? Why did install from the disc not work error messages. Did you try copying the disc to your computer and install from there?
  10. editing an mp4 vidio with creator nxt 6

    NXT 6 should be able to edit mp4 files. Did you try it using Video Wave. Were you able to open Video Wave (edit video- advanced)? Were you able to add the file to the timeline? Where did you get the file? Is it on your computer? Is it high definition? Make sure you have selected that as the format in VideoWave. Explain "edit video BY FRAME" If you want to really do this, spread out the timeline to see the file with more detail.
  11. Videowave hangs during rendering

    Make sure you have lots of free space on your system drive. Defrag if you do not have a solid state hard drive. What eldse do you have running while you are encoding -- e-mail, antivirus, etc?
  12. Did you move anything on your computer programs since you installed the program. The main (snap) screen is just a series of hyperlinks to the individual programs. If you moved the individual programs or the splash screen, those links are broken. I don't know if a reinstall will fix this.
  13. Just keep reminding yourself that you can get only about 1 hour of best quality video on a disc. More will make the already bad video look poorer. You can use double layer DVD and get a little less than 2 hours. If you have a blu ray burner, you can put more standard video on the disc but you need a blu ray player to play it. If you do not plan to use discs, consider memory stick, they are inexpensive and you can get them in larger sizes. I cannot remember the last time I burned a disc but I have put video on many memory sticks. Also plan ahead, break up your project into sections with menus like by year, by type of activity (scuba, vacations)etc. It seems like you have a major task ahead of you so taking so time to plan may save you time in the end.
  14. Set Windows to 100%; it looks like you have it higher (125% ?).