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    ....now Can I Copy My Dvd

    Well, thank you very much. That is a simple precise answer that I believe I can follow through on. I really don't want to explore another companies software since it took me so long to understand Roxio's. Wish me luck.....I'll report back!
  2. Real2U

    ....now Can I Copy My Dvd

    Well after 3 weeks of trying to install this program, it finally works. I had to get rid of every scrap of information about any previous Roxio software........it was not easy, but I did it. Now since Easy VHS to DVD is the only software left on my computer, how do I simply copy one of the DVDs I can now make? I am afraid to buy and install any other Roxio produce in fear that it will cause Easy VHS to DVD to stop working! Does anyone have any recomendations?