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    Nxt 6 Is Not Working

    Saayyyy whaaaaaattttt! 20 installs in high. But really. So, we can only 'Repair' 19 times before Corel's wisdom decides it just too much trouble. Yes, we can have them reset it. Maybe I need to rethink my future NXT6 purchase.
  2. I realize I will need the 'Blue Ray PlugIn'.... In MyDVD, when making a video disc, Roxio 2012 Pro gives me the option of a standard 25gig or 50gig disc. Does NXT6 support the higher Blue Ray sizes? 100gig, 200gig? Or are we stuck with 25/50 gig blue ray discs?
  3. Mike_mn

    Menu Styles In Mydvd 2012 Pro?

    RM Discount Outlet (rmdiscount) Looks like they carry used/surplus items. They were the only ones that had a description of '2 discs'. All the other listings said 1 disc. And all the listings, including this one, stated that the registration codes would probably NOT work. The box was definitely used. But, the CD's & Booklet were in perfect condition. I had originally contacted Roxio (Corel), asking them if I could get replacement discs, or, purchase Creator 2012 Pro. They replied NO. One of the risks of purchasing used software via online websites, is you may receive 'copied/hacked' disc(s) and hacked registration keys. This was original box, booklet, discs & sleeves, and registration keys.
  4. Guru's correct me if I'm wrong... Have you considered switching to Blu-Ray? Can you capture to a Video Folder with no limit, then use another product that supports burning to Blu-Ray? Since your capturing from VHS, you won't increase resolution. But, you'll be able to burn way more than 1 to 1.5 hours without any degradation of the video. Blue-Ray 50 gig can store around 14+ hours of regular DVD lower res content. VHS captures would fall into that category. After recently re installing Roxio Creator 2012 Pro, I've discovered that newer media just won't fit adequately on a standard DVD. Normal older TV recordings, VHS, and the older cameras & camcorders work okay. But, not for todays higher resolution. Even my Cell phone has higher resolution than DVD! lol I'll be switching to Blu-Ray very soon.
  5. Mike_mn

    Roxio Creator 2011 Pro

    I recently did the same thing on my Roxio 2012 Pro. Had a few issues. But, after following the recommended method of installing, it's running fine on my Win7 64bit system. Also, I found that it was still registered to me, and I re-registered it so that the program knows it registered. Now, on the Creator 2012 Pro Home tab, at the bottom it has an ad for the NXT 6 upgrade at $30 off. Clicking that just takes me to their web page. Well, the $30 is available right now on the new 'NXT 6' to ANYONE, so it's not much of an 'upgrade' offer. Previously, I was going to upgrade to 'NXT 5' with the upgrade discount AND a coupon code for something like $70. I decided to stay with Creator 2012 Pro due to Corel ruining MyDVD after they acquired Roxio. I would recommend reading the comments about MyDVD and how it is NOT the same as you are familiar with in the NXT 4+ releases. Read the reviews about it here on the discussion forums. You may be disappointing. Personally, i think it's Corel's path to degrade the Creator series... now NXT, to either discontinue it, or, nudge people to their more expensive products.
  6. Mike_mn

    Menu Styles In Mydvd 2012 Pro?

    Update... Got my replacement ROXIO 2012 Pro discs - both discs. Uninstalled and re-installed (Followed the guidelines) successfully. I suppose I could have just executed the install from the 'Contents' folder. I think there were some other issues...anyway, it all worked out. Interesting enough, even though the eBay listing said it was the 2 discs in their sleeves and the booklet only, I received the retail box. The registration tags was on the sleeve, and it registered successfully! So now I have have two retail registered copies. Or, maybe they just don't care for legacy products? We'll see.
  7. Mike_mn

    Menu Styles In Mydvd 2012 Pro?

    They must have changed it. At 64, it's the title 'LAST_OF_THE_SUMMER_WINE_S22_D1'. Thanks for the info.
  8. An older post, but I thought I'd add my experiences with this. I too attempted to stop these services from running. Found that it resulted in Creator crashing or not performing well. Best to just leave them.
  9. Mike_mn

    Menu Styles In Mydvd 2012 Pro?

    Thank you for replying. Additional Styles on Disc 2. Yes, I thought so. I've found you gurus here on the forums over the years a valuable resource, and have tried not to ask the stupid questions. It's like the saying... "There are no stupid questions - just stupid people who ask stupid questions"! lol Speaking of stupid: It was so stupid damaging the DVD. I always keep my DVD's in a safe place - well, er, uhh, I guess not this one! I was about to purchase the latest NXT when I researched here about it, and found out that Correl ruined MyDVD and other features. So, i went out and got 2012 Pro, and promptly damaged disc 2! Found a used copy of Roxio Creator 2012 Pro with both discs on eBay. It will arrive in a few days. Although I probably won't be able to use the key with it (I already have my purchased copy registered), I'm getting it just for Disc 2! My favorite MyDVD menu style was the 'Forest' menu style - whatever that was called. I would usually change the backgrounds - It was the text, colors, icons, I liked the best. As a side note... the British TV series 'Last of the Summer Wine'... starting with series 21, which was released on DVD with a date of 2012... The DVD menus look exactly like the 'Forest' MyDVD menu style with their own background & music. I wonder if the used Creator 2010/2012 MyDVD. Go figure!
  10. I recently installed Roxio Creator 2012 Pro in Windows 7 64 bit. Installed and runs great. In MyDVD, there are 6 4:3 menu styles, and 3 16:9 menu styles. Are there suppose to be more? I only had the 1 disc. The 2nd disc was damaged. I remember my older 2010 Pro had more menu styles.
  11. Mike_mn

    Creator Nxt 5 Missing Features?

    Opps. Correction. 2012 Pro is around $45.
  12. Mike_mn

    Creator Nxt 5 Missing Features?

    Thank you for your reply. I'm running Windows 7 64bit. Is the flakiness of NXT 3 limited to Win10? Or, is it also flakey on Win 7? NXT 3 Pro is currently $34! Whereas 2012 pro is almost the same $ as NXT 5 Pro!!! I have 2010 Pro - currently not installed. I could just use that again. But, I'm sure there are advantages to going to 2012 or NXT 3? (I know, a loaded question)
  13. Mike_mn

    Creator Nxt 5 Missing Features?

    I've been a Roxio customer going way back to EMC 7, 9, 2010. Was about to purchase an upgrade to NXT 5 Pro. Glad I checked the forums first. I would have been disappointed. Is 'NXT 3' is the last 'good' version that includes full versions before Corel hacked them apart? If not, any suggestions as to which version i should get?
  14. Mike_mn

    Unable To Install Emc 9.1 Update

    Ron, I had the EXACT same thng happen to me with EMC9 the past few weeks, and I was able to sucsessfult re-install EMC9 on my Vista box. I posted what I did in the Installation/Uninstallation/Update forum. In short, I followed the 'Creator 2009 Clean Install' doc to the letter. You questions about services are answered in the doc. As far as the reinsatal order, follow the doc, reinstall EMC9 & Content. Update 'PX engine' if you have issues, and 9.1 if you have a need. Otherwise I'd forget about them. One would think that Roxio would have this automated by now. Were you able to get EMC9 re installed?
  15. This will be lengthy. First let me state that I’ve been a EMC owner since EMC4. I’ve found that the veteran posters here to be valuable resources (you know who you are) and this discussion group to be a fantastic source of information. Most often a quicker and more informative source than Roxio support. Product: Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 (retail, not deluxe). System: Vista Home Premium, 4gig, 1.2tb. About 2 weeks ago, my Vista system stopped burning DVD+r DL’s successfully, producing DVD’s that would not be accepted by my DVD players. I’ve had a few sleepless nights attempting unsuccessfully to get this corrected. In short, what worked for me was following the Creator 2009 clean uninstall. I had used the Vista EMC 9 Clean uninstall twice without success! Many posts by veterans state ‘Follow ALL instructions’. Which I did. Unfortunately, there were folders & Registry entries which are not in the EMC9 Clean Install doc, but are in the Creator 2009 Clean Install doc! The first few times I followed the instruction to the letter and did not delete anything specifically stated. I found in the Creator 2009 clean install doc the statement ‘These instruction will also work for just about any other Roxio application as well…’. Reading the doc I realized that the instructions included more, and it looked that no harm could be done by following it for EMC9. After all, if the folder/entry does not exist, it can’t be deleted. So, before restoring my system to over 3 months ago, I decided to follow the Creator 2009 clean install doc as a last resort. What have I got to loose, right! It worked the first time without any issues. EMC9 installed without issue, and I am burning DL’s successfully. The differences in the Creator 2009 doc… - Step 2. Smartsound. This was on my Vista! Not in the EMC9 doc. - Step 3. Stopping services. Not in the EMC9 doc. There were 2 services running. Which now makes sence because I previously had difficulty in step 3 of the EMC9 doc deleting folders/files. After stopping the Roxio/Sonic services, I had no issues deleting folder/files in step4. - Additional folders, and I think registry enteries, to delete. My initial testing… ------------------------------------------------------ I have no explanation as to the cause, other than it must have been something I did. Whatever it was, it also affected IMGBURN, and NTI DVD Maker, because those also produced coasters. Why it effected all by burn software, and why re-installing Roxio corrected it, well… knock on wood. I’m just pleased it works. Fortunately, I have a second identical Vista box I use as a media box & DVR streaming TV via my network to my XBOX360 as a media extender. The ‘Media Box’ does produce playable DVD+r DL’s via NTI DVD Maker. I moved the DVD burner from the Media Vista, to my Primary Vista and burned again, with the same results. This showed me that it was not hardware related. Since all my burn apps were affected, my thinking was my system was hosed and my only resort would be to do a system restore from about 3 months ago. (I do full backups about 3 months apart for this very reason. Too often and a restore would most likely restore a bad system). So, I decided to try to recover by re-installing EMC9. Well, it eventually worked. # 3 was the charm. Well, if you made it this far... does this make sence?