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    >2 gigabye files to PC

    I'm using Toast 6.1.1 to burn large video files (>2Gigabytes) to DVD-R. I've been using the "Mac & PC" data option to create a cross-platform disk. It appears that PCs (WinXP at least) cannot read the larger than 2 Gigabyte files. 1. What data option should I be using to allow PCs to see greater than 2 Gigabyte files (And still read the files on Mac)? It seemed like the documentation was saying that Mac & PC would work for all PCs but this is not the case. 2. What flavors of PC and Windows operating sytems was Mac & PC created for? Was it ever able to handle larger than 2Gig files? And most importantly, now that I have a bunch of DVDs that are in Mac & PC format: is there a way to get a WinXP machine to read all of the data or do I have to reburn all of the DVDs? 3. What is the difference between Mac & PC, DVD-ROM (UDF), and ISO9660? With regard to filesize and compatibility with different Windows operating systems? 4. The getting started guide and help are not very indepth and seem to suggest that "Mac & PC" will work for all PCs. Not very helpful. Is there a more comprehensive manual that can be downloaded from the Roxio site? Thanks, James Dual 2GHz G5, OSX 10.4.6