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  1. Toast 10 and surround 5.1

    Thank you for your help. I now have some encoded DVDs that I'll try tomorrow. Fingers crossed.
  2. Toast 10 and surround 5.1

    I'm still struggling with this 5.1 DVD issue. It’s all a bit of a minefield for me. From the new 5.1 mix, currently I have burned one DVD with AC3 which it says is stereo although it came from a 5.1 AC3 file, a second DVD with a DTS track where the disc says it has 5 channels rather than an expected 6. I have also been given a DTS audio only Image File from the sound engineer that when I burn it says it only has one audio track. No video on that one so I'll have to run a separate video feed when I view it. I'll have to book a space to check this 5.1 mix - not sure what I'll find on these DVDs! Boy, this is tricky. Oh, by the way, when I try and create a m2v file from my original mov file in Toast it creates a very long file that doesn't match the original length and is huge when I bring it into Toast. I've ditched ~/Library/Preferences/Roxio Toast Prefs but can't find any plist. That didn't address this issue. Anything I am missing?
  3. Toast 10 and surround 5.1

    Hi, I'm back! My playback worked and it had surround sound. Thanks for your help. I requested some tweaks and now need to do another viewing. The sound engineer (who is over 200 miles away) recommended that I don't use the AC3 to really assess what's going on. He suggested using a DTS file. Any knowledge/advice about authoring a DTS 5.1 DVD in Toast? Thanks.
  4. Toast 10 and surround 5.1

    My producer created the VIDEO_TS folder using Encore. I don't know why Toast didn't get it right. I'll spend more time on that some time.
  5. Toast 10 and surround 5.1

    Sorted it. I was dragging the TS folder into the DVD video setup in Toast rather than the TS folder setup. The former obviously reworked the audio. The DVD now appears to have 5.1 audio. I'll now try it on a surround system. Thanks for all your help - I really apprecaite that.
  6. Toast 10 and surround 5.1

    I have now tried a different approach. My producer suggested creating a VIDEO_TS folder which he has done. I've checked the VOB in there and it's 5.1 surround. I've attached a grab of the contents. When I dragged this TS folder into Toast it created a DVD fine. But when I open the VOB in his TS folder in QT it says it is 5.1 but in the Toast created DVD VOB it says stereo. See grabs. Any thoughts?
  7. Toast 10 and surround 5.1

  8. Toast 10 and surround 5.1

    It also says 4:32:35 for the duration of the m2v in Toast but the original MP4 that it came from is just over 15 mins.
  9. Toast 10 and surround 5.1

    I am now following your procedure but having some strange behaviour. When I drag the m2v file (666.6 MB) into Toast it says that there is 12.52 GB on 1 disc so it won't burn to DVD. Any thoughts on this?
  10. Toast 10 and surround 5.1

    Thanks - very good advice. When I open it in QT and VLC (see attcahed) is says the audio is stereo so I guess it's been converted. In MediaInfo it says the orginal AC3 file is 6 channel. So it looks like Toast converted it. So back to drawing board. Do you think I should I upgrade Toast or use something else here?
  11. Toast 10 and surround 5.1

    Thank you - that's really helpful. I didn't have a .m2v file so I used a piece of multiplexing software to combine my 5.1 AC3 with the video (from MP4) and at the same time strip the stereo track that was with my MPEG 4 file. I then took the resultant .mkv file into Toast. it has certainly created a dvd and it has video and audio but I don't know whethere it's 5.1 yet - I will get access to a surround system on Friday. Does my process sound like it might work?
  12. Toast 10 and surround 5.1

    I have Toast Titanium 10. I haven't used it in years because I don't tend to need DVDs any more. However I need to burn one with 5.1 surround now. Can I do that in TT 10. If so, what is the workflow? I have the 5.1 mix in various formats including AC3. Thanks.
  13. Max + Average Bit Rates Advice

    I have a 42 min uncompressed HD QT file. I'd like to do a Toast MPEG 4 AVC encode at highest quality possible for Blu-ray while still assuring that the BD is likely to be successfully playable on most machines. The defaults in Toast are max = 16 Mbps and average = 8 Mbps - what could I stretch them to? Also, will choosing PCM audio affect this choice much? Thanks in advance.
  14. Blu-ray Question

    I am using a La Cie Blu-ray writer with Toast Titanium 10 to create Blu-ray discs of an HD project I have been working on. I have now also bought a Blu-ray player (Sony S350) so I can see my Blu-rays as well as write them! I have written two test BDs on the writer and both play absolutely fine on the Sony machine. They were encoded from an uncompressed HD QT file at 25p. I am pleased but rather confused that my 25p encodes play absolutely fine since I thought 25p was not supported on Blu-ray (but I wanted to check it)!!! Has Toast changed the playback speed in the encode I wonder (but it doesn't look or sound like it) or is this frame rate now supported? Does this mean that I can now do a batch of BDs from my 25p QT file and be confident that they will work on other Blu-ray players around the world or is this just UK compatibility? Thanks in advance for any clarity on this issue. On another point, I would like to add a DTS encoded 5.1 surround encode to my Blu-ray discs but I'm not sure how I do that in Toast. Do I need the Professional version to enable me to add other audio content? All the best.