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  1. Roxio Edit Song Information

    I have NXT4 and in all other roxio products that I have owned I could highlite an mp3 file or a album of mp3s then right click on the file or all song in the album and on the drop down list there is the Edit Song Information tab. But not so in NXT4, why not. I upgraded to NXT4 to stay upgraded but I got Less for my money. Customer Service is Lip Service, do it again do it again do it again and agin and again and again, with the same results nothing changes and nothing gets corrected. OK then just go back to your Previous Version that worked and just suck it up and forget about the Money you paid. (WE are happy and don't care that you are not happy because WE have your Money. THE END
  2. Audio

    You are correct. on top of your screen,left hand side the first tab is File and next is Edit and so on. You can hilite an Mp3 file then click on the upper left hand corner tab - File and then go down to Edit Song Information. Click on it and it will bring up the editor in Roxio 2011 so you can change title artist genere track number and so on. It works for one song or a whole album.
  3. Audio

    Relax and take a deep breath, my Laptop replaced my desk top. I was wondering why it worked on my desk top and not on my new labtop, that's all
  4. Audio

    My Desktop Has Windows 7 and Roxio 2011. There is an option under File that says Edit Audio Information. This function has alwsys existed in all previous Operating Systems and Roxio. My Laptop has Windows 7 and Roxio 2011 and that option has disapeared and is not availiable. Desktop Has Windows 7 and Roxio 2011 and the function is available. On the desktop I can highlite the songs on an album click on File in the upper left hand corner and the first option is Edit Audio Information, so why does it not on my Laptop.
  5. Tag Editor

    I have EMC 8 and Nero installed on the same Computer that does not work, because I like some of the features of both programs. So if what you are telling me is one computer install nero and a different computer install EMC 8, because they cannot co-exist together. i will try this to see if that works, and thanks for you're help and advice.
  6. Tag Editor

    The OS on the Computer that does not work is Windows XP. I have used EMC 8 on one computer at a time, I would like to know why on XP it will not work. Yes this is the same computer as last year. Would repair Windows fix this issue, you think or just a waste of time?
  7. Tag Editor

    Tag Editor will read thru the individual mp3 tracks that are in a specfic folder (album) and will show as they are indentified in the Editor Box. When done I close the editor and open the folder and there is no info listed in album, artist, genere, number or duration. I have three other computers and there is no problem in any one of them, they work fine. (I know just use the ones that work and forget the one that dosen't) I want all computers to work and use the Tag Editor as it is suppose to work. i have cleaned, unistalled and reinstalled. One thing that I have noticed is Drag to Disc sure messes with Windows XP.
  8. Tag Editor

    Excuse me for not being very clear. I open any folder that I have any mp3 files stored in and I want to change the Artists name or the Album name, get rid of the (The) at the begining of an Artist or Group name. Maybe I want to shorten the Album name, I select the file or files, then right click file to open Edit Tag, and some times it never opens, no matter how long I wait. Some times I go on to bed thinking it will be open in the morning but no such luck. I will shut down my computer and as it is shutting down the tag editor appears momentarialy and the computer shuts down. Boom thats it.
  9. Tag Editor

    When editing tag information on mp3 files the tag editor will not initiate or open, it seems to be locked up somewhere in the backround. The only way I can recover is to shut down, and do a cold start, but catch this, as the computer is shutting down tag editor comes out of nowhere and tries to start but the computer is shutting down. Any remedys out there?
  10. EMC 8 Drag to Disc

    Thanks for the Replies, will try all tonite and see if I correct the problem. Thank You again!
  11. EMC 8 Drag to Disc

    I know that Drag to Disc is interfering with all of my disc drives. I have 5 computers and all are affected the same way. When no EMC is present they work fine. I have tried to custom install and leave Drag to Disc out and it still installs, and to disable it, (well you can forget it). I cannot disable or stop it from taking over the Disc Drives. I cannot play Audio CD's, DVD Movies, load or install programs because Drag to Disc restrains the Drives and strangles them. If I cannot get any reasonable solution to this problem, Roxio and Sonic will lose me as a Customer. (I know that is no big loss for them, because I am one voice, one vote. Signed Billy