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  1. The issue, as I see it, is that Music Disc Creator isn't seeing a CD-R drive in your system. Please let us know the make model of the Optical (DVD/CD) drive in your system. Is there any possibility that it's not a writer, and only a read device? If it recognized a writable drive, it would list that drive, in addition to the image option.
  2. d_deweywright

    Dvd Not Recognized By Sony Blu Ray Player

    And have you tried the suggestion of burning your content onto a different brand (or two) of discs? What brand are you using? The original poster never came back to indicate if he had tried that suggestion. Perhaps he did, it solved his problem, and he never responded. Let us know if that suggestion helps you, or if you've already tried it.
  3. I've never seen a million dollars before either, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. (Paraphrased from, "The Santa Claus.")
  4. I've had this problem as well, for several versions. You'll note, that if you click on the box with the question-mark in it, you'll then actually see the "preview" of the effect. So, it's tedious, but you can see the preview of them, just one-at-a-time. I don't usually get too fancy with my transitions, so only use a few, but I can always look at them by simply clicking on them. I know, not a "solution" but it is a workaround.
  5. d_deweywright

    Confused Instructions...

    The connection from the Receiver would be from the "Tape Out" jacks. Those are automatically switched to give a line-level output of whatever you're listening to, LP (Phono), Aux, or Radio. However, the "Tape Out" jacks are NOT switched to send the signal that's being listened to from the tape deck, because if the tape deck is set to record, you'll get a feedback loop.... unless there are two tape inputs. Then you can usually hit the dubbing switch to send the output from one tape deck to the other via the "Tape Out" jacks. So, the receiver is a more generic signal source than a Cassette/Tape deck since many people are capturing from LP rather than from cassette.
  6. d_deweywright

    High Pitch Noise During Vhs To Dvd Transfer

    Well, at this point, I just don't know what the source of the noise is. Since playing the tape directly through your TV doesn't introduce the noise, we have to assume it's either in the Roxio video capture device, or a combination of that and the Mac. I was forgetting that you're on a Mac, and Goldwave is a Windows application. You've tried a different Mac, and a different USB power supply, so we've sort of isolated it to the Roxio device. Once again, what we're forced to recognize is that no matter how "Easy" something may be described as being, there's often much too much to learn. At this point, I don't have a good solution for you, without you having to get into a little bit of audio editing. As I say, most audio editors can create a notch filter that would take out the objectionable noise from your video. But that's an extra couple of steps (extract the audio, filter it, add it back to your video). You could try contacting Roxio and explain the problem (point them to this thread), but I doubt you'll get much satisfaction from Roxio. I'd be as tempted to look for another device, possibly find a less-expensive used one off ebay. Then we could see if it's your specific unit, or an overall design problem, but you're the first person to mention a high frequency noise problem, so there's hope it's the device, not the design of the device. Sorry I don't have a better idea. Maybe someone else will put one forth!
  7. d_deweywright

    High Pitch Noise During Vhs To Dvd Transfer

    Okay... in the gap, it's audible... but I do have to crank it up some. I extracted the audio from your clip. One interesting thing is that there's a definite DC offset on your audio. Not sure how or why it's happening, but it is. Shouldn't be an issue with anything. The main noise is right around 8,000 Hz., with a harmonic at 16,000 Hz. (I'm pretty sure I can't hear that high anymore). So, if you used a tool like GoldWave, an audio editor, you can make a notch filter to filter it out. (Okay, I got curious and listened to some test tones available on YouTube. I can get up to 14,000 Hz, but cut out at 15,000 Hz. That's actually as good or better than I expected.) Now, I have another question for you. When you're working on your video, are you using speakers, headphones/earbuds? If you're using headphones/earbuds, can you still hear the noise if you use your speakers. Your TVs audio response may roll off enough that you simply won't hear the noise, which you said you didn't when playing the VCR through the TV. If you play your captured video through your TV, do you hear the noise?
  8. d_deweywright

    High Pitch Noise During Vhs To Dvd Transfer

    I don't know what options are available in the Mac version of Easy VHS to DVD. They're pretty limited in the Windows version. My original thought was to have you extract the audio from a bit of your video, and post that somewhere so we could listen to it. But there's probably a pretty good chance those options aren't available. So, could you instead post a few seconds of a video someplace where we could download it, a bit that has the high-pitched sound clearly evident? Actually hearing the problem may help us out.
  9. d_deweywright

    Effects Thumbnails Missing

    kana48... if the missing thumbnails is your only reason for upgrading, consider whether it's really worth it. I've not had luck with the "next" version fixing that problem. It may work for you. As posted above, clicking on the thumbnail should let you "preview" the effect, though it's not so effective for the text effects.
  10. d_deweywright

    High Pitch Noise During Vhs To Dvd Transfer

    Yes. And as I said, I'm not guaranteeing that will solve your problem, but from your description, I suspect it may help. Also, if you have another USB port on your system, try that first.
  11. d_deweywright

    High Pitch Noise During Vhs To Dvd Transfer

    I think I know the sound you're talking about, and my suspicion is the power on your USB port. If the 5V power has any switching noise from the power supply, it can come through the Roxio Capture Device, I've heard it. So, if you have another USB port, try that. If that doesn't work, you could try, no guarantees this will help, a powered USB hub. It will have it's own power supply, and if the problem is the power from your Mac, then that may isolate it enough to clean up your signal. Hope that helps!
  12. d_deweywright

    Drivers Not Installed.

    And no, that doesn't explain it. You should see a full screen version of your image, only in Standard Def, not Hi-Def, not just the top part repeated.
  13. d_deweywright

    Drivers Not Installed.

    No... it means that you can input your 1080i signal to the device, but, it only support 480p output. So your output is only Standard Dev, regardless of your input signal.
  14. bryan999, the questions were asked: From what are you capturing? Are you using your tablet as your capturing computer? Please let us know the answers to these questions. Also tell us the specifications of your capture computer (processor speed, available memory, available drive space...).
  15. d_deweywright

    Drivers Not Installed.

    The RGC "standard" will accept an HD input, but it's only a standard definition (480p) output. It downscales the signal as needed.
  16. d_deweywright

    Canon Vixia Camcorder Capture With Hdmi

    Keep in mind too, that the HDMI port on your PC is an OUTPUT, not an INPUT. So, you might have the output HDMI of the RGC device connected to the output HDMI of your video card. Not a good thing. The video from your camera will come into your PC through the USB connection, as Jim says above.
  17. d_deweywright

    Lost My Disk And Sleeve.

    However, assuming you registered it when you were using it on your HP, you can get your registration key by going to this page and logging in. You'll still need to be running Windows to run the program.
  18. d_deweywright

    Lost My Disk And Sleeve.

    Download the SP2 update here (link). It's the full package. Use your registered key.
  19. d_deweywright

    Digitize Lps Doesn't Save All Songs

    Sorry... been busy with some other things this week. I'll try to play with this in the next day or two.
  20. d_deweywright

    Digitize Lps Doesn't Save All Songs

    So... the song exists until you try to have it automatically ID'd? And then it goes away? That would inspire me to make a backup of the files before running Music ID so I could recover the file. No good clue on that one. I haven't seen anyone else reporting this problem, yet, and I haven't tried that option. What file format are you recording to, .WAV? .MP3?
  21. d_deweywright

    Digitize Lps Doesn't Save All Songs

    So, what exactly happens when it "doesn't save a song"? Is it a case that some of what was played is deleted? Or is it a case that it's not identifying a change between tracks so that one of the tracks is appended to the next one? Or do you mean that it's just not coming up with a name for the track? Do you have track detection enabled so that it automatically attempts to split out each track? (I'm assuming that's the case.) Not being shy about doing my own track splitting, I always record the entire side of an album at one time, then I manually split out the tracks. I also then name the files manually, but that's just my preference. But let us know exactly what's happening.
  22. Congrats. Yes, sometimes it seems like the code is somewhat capricious in what it likes and doesn't like.
  23. d_deweywright

    Copy To "no Drive Detected

    Show us a screen shot of an application that let's you write using that drive.
  24. But... the key to what was said, was to change your project to a BD project instead of an AVCHD project. That's the important part. Did you do that?
  25. d_deweywright

    Problem Burning Blu-Ray Discs

    Unfortunately, I'm not a Toast nor Mac user. It sounds like you need to convert/extract your image file to it's component folders and files, and write those to disc. How that might be achieved, I'm not sure, but you need that full folder structure that's shown above when you look at the disc.