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  1. Tell us about your setup. What game console are you running? Are you sure the three video cables from your console (Red, Green, and Blue) are going into the Input side of the Game Capture device, and not the Output side? (Please double check, don't just say, "Yes" without looking.) Are you getting a video signal on your TV? Are you getting an error message on the the console screen of the capture PC? If so, what is it?
  2. d_deweywright

    How Do I Get Email Notifications Of Replies To Posts?

    To take a cue from Brendon, How's this?
  3. d_deweywright

    How Do I Get Email Notifications Of Replies To Posts?

    If you're still not receiving e-mail notifications, check your spam folder, to see if your ISP or e-mail client is binning them. And also go into your settings here and verify there are no typos in the e-mail address you have set.
  4. d_deweywright

    Toast Burned Dvd Won't Play On Dvd Player

    When you say, "DVD file", what exactly does that mean? What is the name and extension of what you've created? Does it include a folder that's named, "Video_TS"? A playable DVD disc is not just a "file," it is a very specific folder structure with specific file types. You can't just throw a video file onto a DVD disc, and expect it to play in a set-top player. You have to Author the disc properly. I'm not a Toast/MAC user so I can't help you with any specifics. You'll need to find the part of Toast that says, (to this effect): "Create a playable DVD disc" and follow the steps it leads you through, which should include, adding the video file I suspect you created.
  5. Typically, "previous" versions (C2012) are unaware of "later" versions (NXT) and will often just install with or over them. But, to be safe, yes, uninstalling NXT would probably be a good choice.
  6. d_deweywright

    Reset Roxio Creator Nxt 4 Product Key

    The first question would be, why have you had to install/reinstall so many times? Is there something we can help you with to help keep that from happening? To answer your question, there's a link in my signature below about getting your key reset. Try that, if you have any troubles with that, let us know.
  7. You seem to have ignored the last half of the last sentence: "...and make sure it comes with a working CD Key for it!" You're correct, you need a key that can be registered, so make sure you get one.
  8. Jarman1, I've sent you a Private Message. Go to the top of this page, and you find a icon that looks like an envelope, and that should have a number in it, indicating you have a message waiting. Click on that please, and respond appropriately. Thanks!
  9. d_deweywright

    Video Signal Lost, Audio Is Fine

    Is your computer a laptop, or a desktop? Your issue sounds potentially like a USB power problem. If you have a laptop, make sure you're connected to an outlet, don't run on battery power. Check your system settings to see if there are power option settings for your USB ports, and if so, make sure they're set to the highest setting. Try all of your USB ports. Different ports can behave differently. If you have a desktop, make sure you're connecting to a USB port on the rear of the PC, not one on the front. As with a laptop, try all of your ports. Also, post your computers actual specs. "...pretty new computer that meets the technical requirements" doesn't actually tell us anything. Let us know how you make out.
  10. d_deweywright

    Creator 2011 Capture Video

    outerbank, do you happen to run a registry cleaner on your system? If so, try turning it off, do a repair, then leave the registry cleaner off for awhile and see if your problem goes away. Registry cleaners and Roxio have not worked well together in the past. I don't recall if Creator 2011 had that problem or not, but it's worth checking.
  11. 1 hour is about the limit for a single layer DVD. For your 1 hour and 33 minutes, you'll want to go to a dual layer DVD so you can maintain the highest quality. I actually haven't played with the new MyDVD that comes with NXT 4, but it is a much reduced version from what used to be included. You're probably doing what now needs to be done when you "pre-combine" your videos before putting them into MyDVD. I'm sure someone else will jump in here who has familiarity with the new MyDVD.
  12. d_deweywright

    Blu Ray Disc Burn Playback Issues On Ps4

    The only thing that strikes me, looking at the image in your original post, is the video resolution. I wonder if the PS4 would prefer 1920x1080 instead of 1280x720? Just a thought.
  13. d_deweywright

    Blu Ray Disc Burn Playback Issues On Ps4

    I gotta agree with theoldarchiver. You've pretty much proven that your BR discs are mastered okay if they play on everything except a PS4.
  14. d_deweywright

    The Boards Were Broken

    For those who are unable to login here, there is an issue, as you've no doubt noticed. Invision, (the folks who actually maintain the servers these boards run on) has been contacted, so hopefully the problem will be resolved soon. If you have logged in recently, and have a valid cookie in your browser, you can still get access. Until then...
  15. d_deweywright

    Burned Data Disk Instead Of Dvd

    Right, you can't "convert" the existing disc, but you can use the files that are on the disc to create a new, playable disc, using one of the methods mentioned above.
  16. d_deweywright

    Burned Data Disk Instead Of Dvd

    If you're asking if there's a way to take your existing Data DVD discs, and convert that existing disc to a video DVD disc, the answer would be no. Though I would also ask, what are the file types and folder structure on the discs you have? As CD said above, you need to use the "My DVD" application in Creator to master your DVD Video disc.
  17. d_deweywright

    Ready/no Signal

    Justin, it sounds like you have the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro? This thread was started about the Roxio Game Capture for Consoles (even though Jim's picture shows the RGC HD Pro). Should we move your question to the proper forum?
  18. d_deweywright

    "...destination Disk Is Too Small."

    Can't help with the refund, but check out the answer in this link. It's from Toast 11, but it may apply to Toast 14 as well?
  19. d_deweywright

    Video Won't Display On My Laptop Windows 10

    Also, the connectors on the front of the VCR are actually "inputs" not outputs. A set of connectors to feed in a signal from another video device (camera, VCR, etc.) so no signal comes out of them.
  20. d_deweywright

    Windows 10 Will Not Play My Roxio Vhs To Dvd Files

    FranL, need a little clarification please. When you say that Windows 10 will not play your Roxio VHS to DVD files, do you mean it won't play the videos you've created using VHS to DVD, or do you really mean that Windows 10 won't RUN the VHS to DVD program? If you mean the latter, then you're correct. Only Easy VHS to DVD 3 (Plus) is listed as Windows 10 compatible. If you have an earlier version, you'll need to upgrade (buy) the newer version. If Windows 10 won't play the videos you created, then there's a different problem. Let us know!
  21. d_deweywright

    Issues After Loading....

    I've used my USB capture device successfully with a powered USB hub. That may help you.
  22. d_deweywright

    Looking To Upgrade From 11 And Also Upgrade Fotomagico To 5.0 Pro

    Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of Mac/Toast users that frequent these boards. I'm not one myself. But I can say that over the past several years, the versions of Creator NXT x that have been released have generally included less functionality than the one before. The version of MyDVD that comes with NXT4 is a significant downgrade from previous versions. Now, what has been happening on the Toast side, I can't say, other than from what you've already read.
  23. d_deweywright

    Saving Vhs Video

    Copied to USB "what"? USB is an interface, not a device. So, for instance, you couldn't copy your video to a USB connected video camera, but you could copy it to most any USB attached storage device (flash drive, external HD...).
  24. d_deweywright

    Back-Up Photo Files To Blue Ray

    Lara, I'm not a MAC user, but it strikes me that the 7.96G you can record is the same amount of space as DVD-DL (dual layer DVD) discs can hold. Is there any chance you really bought DVD-DL discs instead of BR discs? Worse yet maybe you got a mislabeled package? (I know that DL DVDs are labelled as 8.5GB, but the manufacturers mean 8,500,000,000 bytes, when your computer would mean 9,126,805,504 bytes. So, your computer will see 8,500,000,000 bytes as 7.96 GB.) Let us know what you find.
  25. d_deweywright

    Windows 7 To Windows 10?

    I finally had a chance to try installing the EVD3Plus update on a clean Windows system, with no previous version of EVD on it, and it installed fine. Just remember, you need two keys, one for EVD3, and the one for EVD3Plus. (Actually, I didn't try it to see if the EVD3Plus key would work for both entries.)