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  1. I'm not an ISOBuster expert. From your screen shot, you can see that there were problems reading that one section of the disc, so it created multiple .VOB files. And it appears there was one section that it finally couldn't read without error (with the red icon). So, you'll have to look at the contents of the .VOB files it recovered. If you make a copy of those files, and rename them from .VOB to .MPG, they should load and play okay in VideoWave. But after saying that, I don't think VideoWave is part of the Red Box version of Easy CD and DVD Burning? If it is, then you'll have to take all the segments recovered by ISO Buster and remaster the DVD. If not, you'll need some more software. I'm hoping someone else may join in this conversation.
  2. By, "Easy Media Center 10 Suite", do you mean "Windows Media Center 10"? And when you say, copy, what are you copying from? Is this ballgame already on a DVD disc? If so, can you copy what's on the DVD to your hard drive without a problem? If so, then try writing from what you copied to your HD to another disc and see if that works. If it doesn't copy properly, you may need to use a disc recovery/copy application like ISO Buster, or something similar. Or is the ball game already on your hard drive, and you're trying to write from the Hard Drive to a DVD disc? If so, then I would suggest you try again and make sure there is no dirt/dust/scratches on the new disc. Let us know.
  3. Capture Problem

    lilredsquirrel, if you read question 3 a little more carefully, you may realize that "Nope" isn't an appropriate answer, unless in fact you're not using outputs from the front or the back of the VCR. Maybe your VCR has outputs on the side? But you do need to use one set of outputs from your VCR, which ones are you using? Have you tried different tapes? If not, please do so. If yes, have you seen any different results from tape to tape? One particular tape may have a lower recorded signal (or one that has degraded farther) than another. Trying different tapes will help determine if the problem lies with the tape, or the VCR.
  4. Non-Readeable Bluray

    I don't have an answer for you, unfortunately. Anecdotally, I had a SONY combo DVD/VHS unit, fairly good unit, and the DVD section was very particular about reading burned DVDs. It was fine with commercially produced discs. At the same time, I also had an inexpensive Magnavox DVD player ($25) that would play pretty much any disc I put in it. It sounds like you've properly authored your discs, so I'd also suggest trying a different brand or two of blank. Memorex discs are often considered a low-end brand for blanks. Verbatim is considered a good brand, as is JVC/Taiyo-Yuden. A different brand of blank may make the SONY happy, or it may not. As much as we'd like to think digital media is universally writable/readable, that's not the case, and finding the right combination of writer/media/reader can be a challenge.
  5. Mix Cds With Crossfades Burning Blank Tracks Near End

    Thanks for letting us know where you're at with this. Memorex CD-R discs don't have a good reputation for quality, nor do most store/generic brands. Since your .SD2F file plays silence on those particular tracks, however, we can't accuse the discs of being the problem at this point. As the .SD2F file seems to be a good way to check for the problem, I'd start by making a copy of your project, and deleting everything up to a couple of tracks before the problem(s) start. Save that as a .SD2F, and see if the problem still exists. Then continue deleting tracks/crossfades 1 at a time, and seeing if there's some point at which everything after that starts working properly. Hopefully someone else will have a better approach.
  6. Mix Cds With Crossfades Burning Blank Tracks Near End

    To me, the terms "mix CD", "crossfade", and "tracks" imply an audio CD. But, I could be wrong. Let's see what we hear back from "B."
  7. Mix Cds With Crossfades Burning Blank Tracks Near End

    Actually, if it's an actual audio CD, there is no "compressed format." Even if they start out with a lower sample rate, and fewer bits-per-sample, they get "up-converted" when written to an audio CD. So they have to be short, roughly 1 1/2 minute tracks.
  8. Mix Cds With Crossfades Burning Blank Tracks Near End

    The outer edge of the disc does seem to be harder to read for most players. I would also ask what brand of blank disc are you using? You'll want to make sure you're using a good quality disc. Typically Verbatim discs have done well. If you can find JVC/Taiyo-Yuden discs, they're also well regarded.
  9. Roxio Creator 2011 Pro

    Unfortunately, looks can be deceiving. Many of us consider Creator 2012 Pro the best product Roxio put out, with each of the NXT versions stripping out a little more each time. MyDVD that comes with NXT 5 is only a shadow of the program that came with Creator 2012 Pro.
  10. Thanks for letting us know what worked! Hadn't seen that solution before!
  11. So, if you read the full thread, you might have picked up on some of the information that would be helpful in figuring out what the problem is. If you didn't receive an error during the actual installation, then the download you have is good, and you do NOT need to keep downloading it to reinstall it. Use the download you have. And back that up to a DVD, labelled including the install key so you don't lose it. Please tell us about your computer, how fast is the processor? How much memory (RAM) does it have? How much hard drive space does it have? What format are you capturing to? At what point do you receive the error, during the actual capture, or during a conversion step, when you first start the program? Is there any consistency to when you receive the error, such as, after "x" number of minutes? What are you capturing from, a VHS player? Any and all details can help us help you figure out what the problem is.
  12. Roxio Creator 2012 - Program Won't Burn Cds

    If you add your .M3U file to a player that supports playlists, do the songs play? Is the .M3U file and all of the songs its pointing to in their original folders when the .M3U file was created? If not, then you could get the message(s) you're seeing. If the .M3u has a relative path to get to the songs, and you move the .M3U file to a new folder, then that relative path won't work any more. It sounds to me like you may have moved some of your files so that the .M3U file is no longer properly pointing to the songs.
  13. Roxio Hd Pro Green No Signal

    I suspect that's a little like buying one brand of car, and having issues with it, and saying, "I'm going to go buy that (different) brand, then I won't have any problems for sure." I hope that solves your problem. If it doesn't you're welcome to come back and work through the problems you're having with the Roxio Capture device. At least Roxio has a forum where fellow users can help support one another.
  14. Lost Capture Card Cd Need Help!

    Okay, you can download the Service Pack 2 update from here (link). It's a full install. Use the key you have.
  15. Lost Capture Card Cd Need Help!

    Let us know exactly which capture device/product you have, is it the older Game Capture device, or the newer Game Capture HD device? Or do you have the video capture card with VHS to DVD?
  16. No Audio Recording When Usb Headset Is Plugged In. (Ps4)

    Thanks for the clarification, from your previous post, it wasn't clear. It's a pretty poor limitation of the PS4 that they don't let you direct audio to both the HDMI and either or both of the other outputs.
  17. No Audio Recording When Usb Headset Is Plugged In. (Ps4)

    That's not a lot of detail. The suggestion was to try a headset with a 3.5mm plug, to see if you could get audio on that headset, and also on your recording. Did you try doing that? The thought was that if that worked, you might be able to find a USB adapter that would accept the audio from the 3.5 mm jack, and then feed it into your nice USB driven headset. So, tell us exactly what you did. Give us the make and model of whatever you purchased, where it plugs in, all the excruciating details.
  18. Excellent point, CD! If you select a "Normal 4:3" project, you won't have any HD output options, you have to select a "Widescreen (16:9)" project to output in HD.
  19. Right, for Roxio products, your option would be Creator NXT 5. While that will handle MP4 files, the disc authoring application has been "dumbed down" a lot. As a general consensus, Creator 2012 Pro is considered the best product Roxio put out. Many are happily running it with Windows 10 (myself included). So finding a "new in box" copy of Creator 2012 may do well for you. Of course, it is no longer supported by Roxio.
  20. No Audio Recording When Usb Headset Is Plugged In. (Ps4)

    Yeah... it looks like it's going to be a hardware solution (adapters/splitters/etc.), unless you can get Sony to change the software in the PS4 to allow audio output to the HDMI as well as USB at the same time. There's really nothing Roxio can do about it.
  21. I agree with Jim. In your case it sounds like you only have a single drive in your system, so I'd add a second hard drive to hold those downloads. Then when you reformat your system, you only reformat the drive with the operating system, not the one with your big downloads. Alternatively, add an external, USB connected drive for those files.
  22. No More Cdtext?

    Actually, it's the Windows playback software that typically ignores the CD-Text information, not the drive not reading it. A little searching on-line reveals several program which will read and display CD-Text information, if it's there. So here it's a combination of using the right application to make sure the CD-Text data is written, and then using an application that is looking for the data.
  23. Lost My Cd Code For Roxio Game Capture

    Oops... missed that... obviously.
  24. Lost My Cd Code For Roxio Game Capture

    Also... if you let the program register when you first installed and started it, you should be able to log into the Roxio site and retrieve your key from your list of registered products.
  25. Monitor Not Displaying Capture From Roxio Hd Pro

    Well that seems odd. If you're getting the signal in OBS (and I would still ask you to please run the Roxio software and see if it gives us any more information), then the splitter must be putting out a non-HDCP signal, which I would think your monitor would be happy with since you can plug it directly into your Nintendo and see it.