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    Same problem here. Got a Series 3 HD DVR. Mac OS X 10.5.6 Toast Titanium 9 latest rev Tivo Wireless USB adapter (Tried using my Airport Express Ethernet connection following Apple's network layout, also nada) Connecting through Firefox or Apache all is good, both http and https, I can see the recordings Apache Bonjour tab does *not* see any services other than my Airport Express Tivo Transfer does *not* see the DVR. Tidesoft's Bonjour Browser ver. 1.5.6 also does *not* see any advertisements from Tivo. Reading several, and I mean several posts about this and other related problems when attempting a connection, I may have come upon something that *may* be the root of all evil. I have a fairly old rev of a Linksys WRT54GS Router (ver 1.0). There seems to be no way to enable Bonjour traffic to pass through the router thus making itself known to Tivo Transfer, although Bonjour printing seems to be just fine which actually pisses me off because I can't categorically blame Bonjour here My only 2 options left are to direct connect everything wired (pain to do given my configuration) or get myself a new router (maybe this will justify it after all) Anyone have a similar configuration and successfully connected with Tivo Transfer? Thanks !