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  1. Compatibility with Snow Leopard

    I have a new i7 iMac with 10.6.3 so I guess I will open it and use it. Thanks for the update tsantee.
  2. Compatibility with Snow Leopard

    I bought my Easy VHS to DVD from Amazon.com for $67.87 US. It states it works with 10.6 on the box. So from reading this thread I either have to put 10.5 on a bootable HD or return it. I have till June 14 to return. Does it work as advertised with 10.5? OR Should I just return it and use something else?
  3. Compress Movie File

    It's been so long since I used Toast to compress. Does it tell you how much compression it's going to take. I use DVD2oneX and it tells you. I don't compress more then 30% or so . If it is higher then I use DL discs. The more compression the more likely hood of play back problems like pixelation.
  4. Toast 9 Br Plugin Usable With Toast 10?

    You need to buy the BR Plug-in for Toast 10.
  5. Dvd Burning

    Watch you burn speed. I don't burn my Verbatim +r DLs faster than 4x.
  6. Praise Digital Guru

    From his other post, I would say he is talking about ggrussell.
  7. Toast 10 Update

    WHY? I have Toast 10, 10.0.1 and 10.0.2 all in my applications folder with Toast 8 and 9.
  8. Choosing A Dual Layer Break Point

    I am so glad you said the same thing I did but in more words.
  9. Toast 9 Update Version 9.0.1 To Version 9.0.5

    If you go up to Support at top of page and then click Product Registration it will show all your keys if you registered your Roxio Products and I hope you did.
  10. Toast 10

    Trust me, you will need more then those two.
  11. Choosing A Dual Layer Break Point

    Should I answer you here or over at VideoHelp? Toast 10 does it for you.
  12. Why Cant I Burn An Mpeg-4 Video File?

    Where did you get that file? That will help us help you.
  13. Toast 10

    Are you working with a protected DVD? If you are, you need more programs before Toast will work.
  14. Toast Titanium 9

    I just rename the folder. In this case Toast 9.0.4 so 9.0.5 won't care. That way if something doesn't work I can go back. I do have time Machine but I still like to do this.
  15. Toast Conversions Have No Sound

    If you registered Toast 8 you should be able to download it again I would think.