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  1. I have been able to 'Capture Video' to my HDD but I want to copy this to DVD. Can I use this application for that? Right now the files are saved on my HDD as avi and mpg files, how can I convert them so that they play in a DVD player?
  2. fsmith

    'Unknown Capture Error'

    Problem Solved! I switched the USB 2861 Device to a different USB Port (the one in the front of machine) and it worked. Tried all other USB ports on the back and none gave me audio, not sure if it has anything to do with Device settings on my machine. Thanks for the help
  3. fsmith

    'Unknown Capture Error'

    Thanks for the post, by enabling the Stereo Mix input I get more 'Options' for the Audio Input. Video is being captured to the HDD, however the audio is NOT. I tried with all four setting in the 'Opions' menu under 'Audio Input' : 1) Line(2-USB 2861 Device), 2) Line In (SoundMAX Integrated Di, 3) Microphone (SoundMAX Integrated, 4) Stereo Mix (SoundMAX Integrated. I capture video with options 2-4 but get the 'unknown capture error' when I select the USB 2861 device.
  4. fsmith

    'Unknown Capture Error'

    Yes I installed SP2. In regards to the 10 seconds, nothing actually gets recorded onto the hard drive. A file is created but when I play the file it is empty. I have not enabled the audio input in Vista (and not sure how). I tried the 'Plug and Burn' method and got the same result 'unknown capture error' and 'unable to write to dvd' I'm on a Vista SP1 machine with a Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E7300 @ 2.66 GHz 2.67GHz, 4.00 GB Memory, Intel Q45/Q43 Express video card
  5. fsmith

    'Unknown Capture Error'

    I just installed the EasyVHS to DVD software on a Vista machine. I am trying to capture a VHS to the Hard drive of the machine so I am using the 'Capture Video' option from the home page. After I select the USB device to capture from I see the VHS image in the window. I do not hear any audio, and when I hit the 'capure now' button the program runs for about ten seconds then it stops and says 'Unknown Capture Error.'