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    Nxt2 Mp4 Output That Is Compatible With Samsung Galaxy

    The video is mine. I have tried various MP outputs (DVD best quality, MP 1080P, MP2). Let me try one of the ones you listed here.
  2. I have NXT2 and cannot find an output that works on my Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 3. I have tried 1080p, 720p, and Best DVD but the tablet always says "cannot play this video". On the Samsung forums they talk about issues with the Codec and offer to sell another MP4 converter. Any ideas on how to output a video that will work on the Samsung tablets? Thanks.
  3. grant_easton

    Tag Editor And Windows File Properties

    yup, that is checked. I downloaded a freeware tag editor and it works, so I guess I will go that route. Thanks.
  4. I am using the Roxio Tag editor to clean up the audio tags to work better with my MP3 player The Audio tags are now correctly showing in the Roxio editor (e.g. Album name) but my MP3 player still sees the old ones, When I look at the file properties I still see the old tags as well. Does Tag editor not update the windows file properties tags? or am I doing something wrong? Thanks
  5. grant_easton

    MYDVD black preview screen after adding submenu

    ok, and Intel states on their web site that Extreme Graphics II is fully Direct X compatible. Which by the way, having a separate video card or a chip-set video has nothing to do with Direct X compatibility. So, not sure how having a separate video card recommendation and Direct X compatibility goes together. Anyway all is mute as Roxio (really Sonic) does not seem to answer the support calls, which means I cannot get a real answer from them.
  6. grant_easton

    MYDVD black preview screen after adding submenu

    Interesting. I guess putting that requirement on the box would be too open and honest. Back to 7.0 then
  7. Hoping someone has some ideas. I am a longtime Roxio user just moved to 8.0. I am getting black preview screens for my main DVD menu when I add a sub menu. The sub menu shows fine. Like the other black screen messages, I can view in preview once I press the menu key, and the DVD burns fine. BTW, I have done this several times and find this occurs when I change the menu theme of the submenu, so this is starting to sound buggy to me. I have downloaded the latest intel graphics drivers, and the April 2006 Direct X. When I run the test it stays in SW mode, though I have switched to HW mode with no difference in the results. Any ideas?