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    Trouble With Web Video Capture!

    - Jim, thanks for the reply. I am new to the Roxio forums, but I find your many posts to be very informative! I am a long time happy user of Roxio, but only after this update to NXT Pro 2 attempted using "video web capture". So, is this a problem that Roxio is working on?? If so, will we expect an update to the product? Otherwise, you advised looking for other options. Any suggestions?? Again, thanks.... Robert
  2. Robert Vaughan

    Trouble With Web Video Capture!

    Greetings... I upgraded my Roxio to Creator NXT Pro 2 because of the streaming web video feature, but thus far have not been able to make it happen! The tutorial, and help text, say to open "Copy and Convert Video", select "Web Video", then open the browser and start the video. At that point I get a pop-up window saying: "Launch your browser to start viewing the web video. Please make sure to select a fixed resolution and restart the video if necessary. Only play one video at a time." The pop-up is not mentioned in the help text, and I can find no place to select resolution. I have tried playing the video in the browser, both with the pop-up still in place and with it removed. In both cases, no video appears in the designated folder location, and of course nothing comes up to be worked with. Is there a step somehow I am missing? As my product is now past the 14-day warranty period, I hope someone here can help, because Roxio requires $25.00 to help!! Thanks,,,Robert