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    Very Disappointed In Your Products

    Thanks, I'll provide feedback through the Roxio program. To Digital Gura, no need to go back and forth here, I've never had C 2012 Pro, so I have no idea how it would run on my computer. Like I said, every other program I have, and have had runs perfect on my pc. Why would I invest the time and energy to screw around for one program I use three or four times a year? If it was a computer problem, I would have issues with other programs as well. I simply posted my displeasure here so others could read it. There is no debate here. It's my opinion.
  2. Milophie

    Very Disappointed In Your Products

    HP Envy h8-1435 with Windows 10 64 bit, Intel Core i5-3470 3.20 GHz, 10 GB system memory, 2 Tb Hard Drive NVIDIA GeForce GT620 with 4,043 Mb memory. I am aware that people in this forum are users, just like me. I'm in no way blaming or complaining to you regarding your reply to this post. I am simply reporting my displeasure with Roxio/Corel. They state that they are selling an upgrade to a program, that in fact is a downgrade. And, how do they have the nerve to charge users anything for a program with reduced capabilities. To make matters worse, their technical support is useless. I'm not sure, but I believe C 2012 Pro is the predecessor to Creator NXT Pro. My computer was brand spanking new when I installed Creator NXT Pro. Every other program screamed on the machine then, and still do. No way I was going to tweak a brand new machine for a single program, and no way I'm going to tweak it now. I use this forum to read about other peoples issues to try and help me deal with similar issues. Most of the time I can come up with a work around, and life goes on. But, buying a new program, billed as an upgrade, when in fact it's a downgrade just angers me no end. The new program, Creator NXT 5 Pro, seems to run ok on my machine with Windows 10. That's not the issue. The issue is why does Roxio/Corel advertise Creator NXT 5 Pro as an upgrade, when in fact it is a lessor program, except for the fact it is Windows 10 certified? They should be ashamed of themselves!
  3. I have been a loyal Roxio user for over ten years. I started with Roxio 7.0 way back when. I have paid many for upgrades over the years. Each upgrade seemed to have new features and a little better functionality. That was until I upgraded to Roxio Creator NXT Pro in 2012. That program seemed to have a lot of glitches, but I always found a way to work around them. I was used to using Roxio and was not inclined to try to learn a new program. Then came Windows 10. Roxio Creator NXT Pro just would not run on Windows 10. It was time to upgrade to Roxio Creator NXT 5 Pro, which I did a few weeks ago. As far as I'm concerned, Roxio Creator NXT 5 Pro is a huge disappointment. I don't know which version it started with, but now in MYDVD, I can no longer create my own menu screens with audio over thirty seconds long. Roxio Technical Support says that function is no longer available. I thought the word Creator meant you could use your own creativity to create unique things in the program. I guess I don't know the meaning of the word Create In my old Roxio Creator NXT Pro, while using Videowave, I could use .mts videos directly from my digital camera. Videowave automatically changed the format of the video to .mpg, and life went on. No more. I tried to use a .mts video file that my old Roxio Creator NXT Pro had formatted to a .mpg file, which worked perfect in that version of Videowave, and could not get the audio to play. Once again, I have an UPGRADED program with less functionality. And of course, Roxio Technical Support's answer was "that function is no longer available." As I said, I've only been using this program for a few weeks. I have no idea how many more downgrades I am going to encounter moving forward. How can Roxio/Corel sell UPGRADED versions of their programs that are a downgrade to their programs that they are replacing. From my standpoint, this is the last Roxio/Corel product I will purchase. I believe I have been cheated. It's hard for me to imagine that the sales staff and program developers can actually get a good night sleep. They should be ashamed of themselves. Time to find another slideshow program.
  4. Milophie

    Videowave Pan + Zoom

    Yes, those are the plus and minus bars I'm referring to. In previous versions, pressing the plus or minus would move the slider bar slightly, so you could have very fine control of the amount of zoom you wanted. I used to zoom in or out nine pushes. If they were just to indicate whether you are zooming in or out, they wouldn't move when you press them.
  5. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but when I try to use the pan and zoom tool, it doesn't seem to be working right. There is a plus on the right hand side of the zoom adjustment, and a minus on the left hand side. With previous versions, I used to be able to press the plus or minus to make fine adjustments to the amount of zoom I wanted to use. With NXT 5, and actually, with my previous version NXT, the plus and minus have no effect. I can grab the slider bar to adjust the amount of zoom, but that's it. I can use the presets as well. HP Envy h8-1435 with Windows 10 64 bit, Intel Core i5-3470 3.20 GHz, 10 GB system memory, 2 Tb Hard Drive NVIDIA GeForce GT620 with 4,043 Mb memory.
  6. Milophie


    Let me begin by saying the $50.00 I am referring to is the price to purchase a video converter program. I purchased my Roxio NXT 5 on the Roxio site for the normal upgrade price. I have done searches for Freemake, but when I down load it, my Norton Security tells me not to download the program, so I am not comfortable with it. I sent an email to Roxio support and asked them why they sell an upgraded program with less functionality. Their answer was, no NXT 5 does not have the capability to convert .mts video, and, Thank you for contacting Corel Technical Support. Sorry for the trouble, MTS is not supported on NXT 5. I also have no idea why this was removed. Once again, sorry for the trouble. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions. Regards, Froilan Corel Technical Support Services I ended up downloading Microsoft Essentials 2012, a FREE program, which includes Movie Maker. Movie Maker has the capability to convert .mts video to .mp4 video, which worked fine. This brings me back to the question I asked Corel Technical Support, why does Roxio sell an updated program that has less capability than the previous versions? I know you don't have an answer for this, neither does Roxio. I'm not ranting at anyone, just stating a fact. I appreciate everyone's effort in trying to help me resolve this issue.
  7. Milophie


    Let me add what I've found out. I was creating a slideshow using my old Creator NXT. That program allowed me to put .mts video in each panel, and converted each file to .mpg. In the old Creator NXT, the video worked fine, except for the program not working well with Windows 10. So I decided to upgrade to NXT 5. I loaded the video I created with the old NXT. The new NXT 5 played the video, but does not play the audio portion. I then tried to load a .mts video file on one of the panels, but NXT 5 does not see not recognize the .mts videos, thus it does not convert them either. I used a third party converter to convert one of my .mts files to .avi and .mp4. In both cases I am able to load the .avi and .mp4 video I converted with the third party software, and the video worked fine. This brings up another question, why doesn't NXT 5 have a built in converter? There are a number of websites that offer the converters, but I'll have to buy them to use them. I only have a dozen video files in the .mts format. I hate to spend $50.00 for a program I'm going to use once. Any suggestions?
  8. Milophie


    HP Envy h8-1435 with Windows 10 64 bit, Intel Core i5-3470 3.20 GHz, 10 GB system memory, 2 Tb Hard Drive NVIDIA GeForce GT620 with 4,043 Mb memory. The video files play perfect on every other video divce on my computer, and played perfect with Roxio NXT. All the music files play fine on both the music track and sound effect track. When I press the volume envelope nothing shows below the video files. The video files are various videos I've recorded with my digital video camera. I seem to remember having the same issue when I first installed Roxio NXT several years ago, but I don't remember how it was fixed.
  9. Milophie


    I recently upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. I was told Roxio NXT is not compatible with Windows 10, and I was having a number of issues. So, I completely removed Roxio NXT, then installed Creator NXT 5. Now none of my videos have sound. The videos worked fine on NXT, when I could get it to work, so it has nothing to do with connections, etc.
  10. Unfortunately, I am not able to work on the machine right now due to a family emergency. I will have to wait to give that a try. I actually think I have Roxio Burn disabled, but I'll double check when I get back.
  11. Hi Jim, In post 17, you show you are running Windows 7. As I said in my last post, I am also running NXT Pro on Win 7 just fine. My issue is with Window 8. I am sure there are plenty on people running NXT Pro on Windows 8, and I think that's fantastic. However, I can't, and that is who I'm mostly concerned with. Do Roxio/Corel people monitor these forums? If so, why won't one of them respond to me. As I have said repeatedly, they should at least offer me some no charge technical support.
  12. Another thing I failed to mention, I am running Roxio Creator NXT on my Lenovo Windows 7 laptop, which also has Norton 360 on it, without issues. I don't like to use the laptop for Roxio, as it is a little more cumbersome, as well as a little slow. The point being, it is running on a Windows 7 system with Norton 360, but won't run on Windows 8.
  13. I would love for that to be the case, however, I can't be the only person running Roxio NXT Pro and Norton 360. And for arguments sake, let's say it is Norton 360. What should I do in my Norton 360 to eliminate the issue? Someone from Roxio/Corel should have a fix. If in fact it is Norton 360, the only way for me to use Roxio Creator NXT is to remove my anti-virus software. So I have a choice of tossing the $100 I spent for Roxio NXT Pro or running the risk of getting viruses in my computer. Again, my dispute here is with Roxio/Corel. They should offer me some sort of technical support for no charge, refund the money I spent on their product, or upgrade me at no charge to a product that works.
  14. I have tried to just reinstall NXT, but when I do the same issue exists, "Drive Is Empty." I have followed the instructions from the discussion groups for doing a clean removal/install. The only way I have been able to see Roxio was to do the Windows 8 Refresh feature, which I'm sure you're familiar with. After doing that, I installed Roxio before installing Norton, so there was no antivirus installed on my computer when I installed Roxio. The last thing I installed was Norton 360. I then used Roxio NXT Pro for a couple of projects, and it worked fine. I basically use my HP H8-1435 as a file server. I store all my date on it and access it from my laptop. I use the HP H8-1435 for Roxio because it is a much more powerful machine, has dedicated graphics, etc. I have a new project I wanted to start on the other day. I started loading pictures into videowave, and before I went too far, I decided to see whether I could burn a dvd, so I went right to mydvd. I could tell immediately that the problem was back. When I tried to add the movie created in videowave, the files on the left side of the screen were jumping all over the place. After finally grabbing the movie file, and trying to burn the dvd, I got the same old message, "Drive Empty." The problem I am having now, is that I spent $100 for a program that doesn't work, and there is no way for me to get support from Roxio/Corel unless I pay for it. That's just not right. I have been a loyal Roxio/Corel customer for many years. I still use WordPerfect Office and a variety of other Corel products, along with the various versions of Roxio I have purchased over the last 10 years or so. Roxio makes the easiest product for dvd authoring, but what good is it when I can't get it to work, and no one from Roxio/Corel is willing to offer me support, unless I pay for it?
  15. Yes, I have Norton 360, but I have never had the Registry Cleaner on. It is turned off in the tasks menu, and has never been run. In order for me to use my Roxio Creator NXT Pro now, I have to re-install the entire operating system. As it is right now, it does not work, and will not work.