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  1. Live Screen Capture Audio

    For a while, I was capturing You Tube quite well, sound and all. Tonight's experience led to nothing. Is You Tube trying to hide from capture? Adobe Flash supposedly has a role in success or otherwise in capturing videos, and I decided to update Flash in both of my MACs. Would love to hear from Roxio what the present state of their research on the subject is.
  2. Toast Titanium 11.2 Web Capture

    Roxio assistance has kindly replied to my query, saying that the capture problem is due to the frequent revisions in Adobe Flash Player. I'm testing it now and will wait to see what Roxio assistance comes up with.
  3. Toast Titanium 11.2 Web Capture

    Interestlingly enough, I had had a problem with Jaksta no longer supporting You Tube pictures. If I remember correctly, their helpful personnel suggested I capture the URL and restart the video from that. That seemed to help! I re-captured Kino McGregor's yoga lessons(!) I repeat that Toast 12 on my Imac will also capture Kino and others (without url management) but Toast 11 on the MacbookPro will not hear of it. Does anyone know if Roxio intends to update its capture functions?
  4. How Do I Completely Uninstall Toast 11?

    I did uninstall TT 11 from my iMac, replacing it with 12, for the purpose of legally moving 11 to my notebook. Clean My Mac is supposed to uninstall programs, but it couldn't specify which Toast it would cancel, so I didn't dare let it operate. I therefore downloaded AppZapper and it seems to have done the trick. In my Macbook Pro, I likewise zapped an old TT9, kept my TT10 with its 11 upgrade (in disc form) updating the latter. It will not web capture (see discussions on that topic) and nowhere in Library could I find the plist for TT to erase in order to restore web capture. AppZapper seems like the best answer to your question, in any case. Perhaps Roxio should offer a really good deal to honest customers, who want programs that work.
  5. Toast Titanium 11.2 Web Capture

    I have TTitanium 11.2 in my MacbookPro and 12 in my iMac. The latter is working, the former, no. (I had never tried capture in 11!) Is there no hope that Roxio will fix version 11.2?
  6. Live Screen Capture Audio

    Addendum: I tried Live Screen Capture with a you tube filmstrip, got no sound and got jerky images. The capture-from-the-web feature seems, however, to work beautifully for creating a film file, sound and all. When you click on "media", try clicking on the web feature (below). Screen capture, on the contrary, is brilliant if you want to reproduce your own action (cursor moving, etc.) on the screen. Don't know if that helps.
  7. How Do I Completely Uninstall Toast 11?

    I, too, would like to uninstall Toast 11, because I have just purchased Toast 12, and want to save disk space. My inclination is to drag Toast 11 into the trash at which point Clean my Mac will protest and say "uninstall with us" (never mind that I don't find TT in Clean my Mac's list for uninstalling). The problem is: if I follow Corel's online instructions for uninstalling a previous version (I found "uninstall Corel 10 with Lion") do I risk destroying associated TT12 files? Will uninstalling earlier versions of Toast interfere in some way with the files in the new version? iMac - Maverick, SSD Samsung. Thanks in advance.
  8. Burned Video Does Not Play

    Many thanks for replying. When I insert the dvd, the title page comes up, but I see no thumbnail image. Just out of curiosity, I went back to the Roxio burn menu, where the thumbnail image can be find. "Enter" doesn't have any effect. I'm not sure where to find the right thumbnail. I looked in Finder, too, and found lots of VTS files under "video", but these had no effect. I tried clicking on the DVD icon on the Mac desktop which simply gave me a list of the contents. One development, I discovered (blush, blush for not having invested better earlier) Toast 11's conversion function and used that to convert the flv file. The preview function reads the converted file without problems, but the DVD, also tested on a Win machine, doesn't want to start. Thanks in advance for any solution you might be able to provide. P
  9. Burned Video Does Not Play

    Toast 11 won't play videos I burn. I started with a file captured with Jaksta: filename.mp4.flv. Toast codified the file after a long time spent, burned the disk (set for Video playable on MAC or WINDOWS) but the burned disk simply would not play. It showed a title, but the "forward" control would not convince it to go forward in Mac. I then used Jaksta converter to the only setting I found for the purpose of using the DVD in a Mac, Win or DVD player. It came out as filename.mp4-appletv.mp4. I studied all the options I found in Jaksta as well as Toast 11, but what I relate above was the best I could find. Why won't my disks play video? iMAC (intel, 2007 with SSD), Mavericks, 8 GB RAM. Thanks in advance.
  10. Installing Toast 10.0.2 on Snow Leopard

    Can't see that Firefox makes any difference. There is nothing more difficult in this world than getting Roxio to download an update. Philolog