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    Videowave Crash

    This happens to me a lot by mistake if I am not careful. This is just a plain bug and an oversight by the user interface team and the software validation team. If you release the mouse button while you push the mouse to the extreme left or right, it gets stuck into scroll indefinitely.
  2. jgirard1

    Pan & Zoom Speed

    That is a great idea, and I have done that many times, however, the issues that usually gives me problems is a clip that is not necessarily a still clip of a photo, but a clip that has very little movement, maybe an eye blink of something. I still want to keep the clip as-is for the slight movement, but I need to adjust the speed to match some audio cues. Since the clip has very little movement, I want to pan and zoom to add more excitment. That is where this problem pops up for me.
  3. jgirard1

    Pan & Zoom Speed

    If a feature is implemented in an application that some pays for, it is supposed to work. Just because someone else thinks that no one will ever use it doesn't mean that it can be sold as broken. Here are reports from other people who apparently have no use for this feature: http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/79778-videowave-video-clip-edit/ http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/79768-videowave-pan-zoom/ I am working on old restorations of TV programs from the 60's were only small video clips exist and/or photos from the original production exist and/or even photos from the original television broadcast exist. The footage has already been sequenced and strung together against the original audio track by someone else. Therefore, if they used still photos for a particular sequence, it is already a running clip that has length and is synchronized with the audio. It is not just a photo in VideoWave, it is actual footage of a photo that I am working with. I do, however, add my own photos to enhance sequences and make them better and I do know how to adjust the length of this. The overall attempt here is to try to reconstruct a decent viewable reconstruction of the original broadcast using whatever footage is available. My job is to make them better where possible and also string related episodes together to make a longer self-contained serial production.
  4. jgirard1

    Pan & Zoom Speed

    Thank you for confirming my issue. I am very, very surprised to see this issue still exists in the later versions. To me this is plain old common sense that the two should inherently work together, but as a software developer myself, I can see how the two could be disconnected by different groups working on either sides of the world together. On the other hand, this is something that would and should have come up with simple testing of the application. I have periodic still frame clips and a lot of times I will change the speed of the still frame clip to adjust the length to fit the timing with certian audio sounds, etc. Since the frame is pretty much still, it doesn't hurt to slow down or speed up the clip. To make the still frame clip more interesting, I will add a pan and zoom over it to give it some life. But now you know my issue of what happens when I change the clip speed. It doesn't work correctly. Your solution is not so bad, but now I will need to have second generation clips that could have quality loss and now I also need to maintain more files with my project.
  5. jgirard1

    Pan & Zoom Speed

    Yes, I am using a custom pan and zoom with multiple key frames. I've tried all the combinations of slowing/speeding both before and after setting up the pan and zoom. Nothing worked. i will try to clear the proxy files. I understad about not having a fix for this older version, but I am stuck using it for now on this particular project that I have already started 1.5 years ago. I'm trying to wrap it up now. Will 2012 be compatible with VideoWave files created in version 2010?
  6. jgirard1

    Pan & Zoom Speed

    And you're testing this on VideoWave 2010 Pro Build 121B93A ENU?
  7. jgirard1

    Pan & Zoom Speed

    Are you kidding me? Do you know what Pan & Zoom is? It's is an automated feature on a clip that allows you to Pan & Zoom to your heart's content. Right-Click on any clip and then choose "Pan & Zoom Editor...". You can now create and edit zooms & pans for the duration of the clip. When you play the clip, it will pan and zoom just the way you set it up using the Pan & Zoom editor. The speed at which it plays back your Pans & Zooms seems to be fixed in time. The issue is when you change the clip speed by double-clicking the clip or choosing Properties to edit it. As an option, you can choose the speed at which the clip plays, either slowing it or speeding it up. This speed does not seem to affect the Pan & Zoom sequence that you have previously setup for that clip. If you slow the clip down, the Pan & Zoom rate does not follow and it gets out of sync. For example, if I create a Pan & Zoom sequence on a short clip and play it back at 1x speed, everything is fine. If I then decide that I want that particular clip to play much slower, say at 0.5x speed (half), then during playback and rendering, the orignal Pan & Zoom sequence will still continue to playback at the original 1x speed, which is then completed halfway through the clip. The Pan & Zoom sequence finishes early when in fact it should be played back at 0.5x speed so it ends when the clip ends. Does this make sense?
  8. jgirard1

    Pan & Zoom Speed

    Using 2010 Video Wave. Why is Pan & Zoom always played and rendered in actual time, but when change the speed of a clip, the Pan & Zoom does not follow the speed of the clip. If I slow the clip down, the Pan & Zoom speed is still played back at the 1x speed and is no longer in sync with my clip. What kind of crap is that? I tried to adding the Pan & Zoom before I adjusted the clip speed and I tried adding the Pan & Zoon after I adjusted the clip speed. No matter what I do, the Pan & Zoom is played back and the 1x speed.
  9. Using VideoWave, when I select "Add Background Audio", I consistently get this SmartSound Warning popup that is driving me crazy. It is asking me if I want to install QuickTime. I keep selecting No and every time I go to add audio, it asks again and again. Why does it need to keep asking me this until I say yes? I will not say yes because I do not want QuickTime on my computer. How can I disable this question? Registry tweak? Thanks.
  10. jgirard1

    VideoWave Adjust Audio/Video Sync?

    I understand HOW and that is fine, but it will be cumbersome. The reason the A/V is out of sync is not a capture issue. I am working with multiple sources of video files. Some .avi, .divx, .mpeg, etc. Some files are very old and are just inherently out of sync for whatever reason. Also, I am working with transfers from VHS to DVD using a Samsung combo unit and occasionally the A/V gets out of sync on very long transfers. This is the nature of the beast I suppose. Whatever the reasons, the A/V sync issues always seems to rear its ugly head one way or another. Having a simple way to resolve it when needed would be nice, that's all.
  11. jgirard1

    VideoWave Adjust Audio/Video Sync?

    I am using 2010 Pro. What you're saying is you need to do it manually by extracting the audio and then placing in a track and fiddling with it to get it to align properly? Seems very cumbersome. Especially when I have many clips from different sources with different degrees of delay. A simple dialog box to enter a millisecond offset per clip would seem much more efficient to me, but that is probably getting too technical and asking too much for this dumbed-down programs.
  12. Is there a way to adjust the A/V sync of a clip within VideoWave? It seems that the audio and video tracks are locked together so I can't just slide them. I've tried the Help file but everything in there is very general. I have a delay in the audio track and I need to resyncronize it back to the video. Is it possible? If not, is therre a tool I can use to export, adjust and then re-import? Thanks.
  13. jgirard1

    Videowave won't open

    Yup, I have the same issue. My issue is VideoWave12 refuses to work properly under a roming profile user account in a domain environment. I have to RunAs "Administrator" under my local administrator account before it start to work. Otherwise I get the VC++ virtual function call error.