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  1. The version in question isn't compatible with Creator 2010, in the sense it cannot coexist with it. IIRC, Creator 2010 has the same media capture components included, and that's why the patch for it also works like a charm. In fact, the Creator 2010 SP2 update will in its dialog boxes display "Easy VHS to DVD" instead of Creator 2010! Easy VHS to DVD's built-in "Check for updates" function doesn't work anymore, even to get SP1. This allows us to, at least temporarily, work around the problem.
  2. I tried reinstalling Easy VHS to DVD (1.2.198, the first Windows 7 compatible version) earlier tonight, and the "Check for updates" function didn't yield any positive results. As is all too often the case in software company mergers, owners of previous versions are left in the cold. Servers are moved, URLs changed and support pages become a mess. Such is life I guess. After some searching and considerable luck I found the SP1 update. I tried finding the URL again and couldn't. Either way, you might be able to get it to SP2 right away with the Creator 2010 SP2 update which installed without any issues on my computer, even went so far as using Easy VHS to DVD in its text instead of Creator 2010. Roxio Creator 2010 SP2: http://www.roxio.com/Registration/myaccount/Downloads.aspx?download_id=193 Some other possibly relevant downloads I found by fishing a little: Roxio Easy VHS to DVD Roxio Easy VHS to DVD Drivers (2009) http://www.roxio.com/Registration/myaccount/Downloads.aspx?download_id=125 RoxioVHStoDVDSP Service Pack (Seems to be for the older, XP and Vista only version): http://www.roxio.com/Registration/myaccount/Downloads.aspx?download_id=127 Update Easy VHS to DVD to SP2 (I'm unsure which version this one is for): http://www.roxio.com/Registration/myaccount/Downloads.aspx?download_id=159 Roxio Creator 2010 SP1: http://www.roxio.com/Registration/myaccount/Downloads.aspx?download_id=191 Sincerely, Louis
  3. I tried messing with a few of the DirectShow filters in Program Files to no avail. Since I did not want to waste countless hours on this I ended up downloading another capture software and deinterlacing with VirtualDub.
  4. LouisR

    Win 7 Version of The Software

    I'm on the receiving end of that obsolescence issue; I have to port some databases so they can keep on working with x64 systems. So I'm well aware of the implications of upgrading an OS and I do my homework exactly to prevent these sort of things. I have the proper V2D Windows 7 compatible version. The problem: In this instance, you have to go as far as reading small print to realize that there actually are two separate versions of an identically named, and almost identically packaged product. It's easy for Average Joe to miss the difference if the two boxes aren't next to each other on the store shelf. USB 2.0 has been around for about nine years now. Some older USB 1.0 devices are still in use. Heck even the old serial port is still used in some specialty applications. So this is not mere software, but drivers we're talking about. Drivers for devices that are going to be in use for years to come, not internal cards that aren't likely to move around much, but portable, external devices. I've coded enough to know its perfectly legitimate to ask money for a new version of something. But I couldn't even buy what I'm talking about right now. The capture device and the software are bundled. There's no upgrade option on Roxio's online store to get either the V2D-W7 or V2D-Mac software, which incidentally, already exist. And I'm not about to pay the "Apple tax" on anything. But my sisters swear by their Macs and it'd be nice if I could lend them my capture device, download/buy the software for it and let them capture some of their videos too. Goodbye, Louis
  5. LouisR

    Win 7 Version of The Software

    So we have two incompatible pieces of software with only a small logo on the box to differentiate between them. The name hasn't changed, and the version/build numbers aren't visible unless you go to the about window. Confusing. No way (free or otherwise) for the owners of the previous version to upgrade to the new software if they ever upgrade their OS to Windows 7. The USB device is likely to last me through at least one more computer, is this the treatment I can expect if I move to W7's eventual successor? (On the same train of thought, how about if I switched to a Mac?) Rant over. Louis
  6. LouisR


    So does mine from the Windows version. It makes sense given USB's standard nature, and from a business standpoint to have a single model. Reading from this thread tells me that with a bit of arm wrestling it may be possible to get the Windows-packaged dongle to work on a Mac. Not an emergency in my case as I'm staying on Wintels for a whole lot of reasons, but my sisters have Intel Macs, and it'd be fun if they could convert some videos on their own computers.
  7. Hello, All my VHS captures so far have worked like a charm, except when I try to capture some black and white video that's on a VHS. The static detection is tripped by it and this causes the capture to halt after a few seconds, with a "No signal" error. This is not the "protected content" Macrovision-related error. (Unless there's some error in the translation as my version is in French.) I have an Acer TravelMate 6592, it's a laptop, running Windows 7 RTM. CPU: 2 GHz Core 2 Duo T7300 RAM: 2 GB HDD 1: 1 TB WD Caviar Green in a Vantec eSata casing, with a Cardbus eSata interface. HDD 2: 160 GB internal Video setup Capture device: the USB one included with V2D. 1 NTSC VHS player RCA cables to the capture device Coaxial cable (RG-?) to television so I can keep an eye on the process no matter what. The player only has one composite video out. I am unable to record the original tape onto another. I tried using my TV's video out to see if the signal would be picked up properly, its not. Is there a way (command line parameter? registry hack? hex edit? I am actually comfortable with all of these) to force Media Import to keep recording? Perhaps someone can recommend another software that's not going to have this issue? I've previously used VirtualDub for transcoding, muxing and demuxing successfully, but my experience with its real-time capture capabilities have been frustrating to say the least. But that's probably got more to do with codec settings and the like, or just good old PEBKAC. Thanks in advance, Louis
  8. LouisR

    Win 7 Version of The Software

    That's something that hadn't been clear to me while reading prior to purchasing the software. I've been lucky, the store where I bought mine had the W7 compatible version. Does the previous "incompatible" version simply require a downloaded upgrade from Roxio's site to work?