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  1. Frames/Mat/Edge Not available

    yep. the original issue got resolved. Thanks again
  2. Frames/Mat/Edge Not available

    This is funny. I got only one CD, with only one installer (the setup.exe). This installer did not give me any options to install the content. I tried about 5 times to run it and it always installed (I guess All) as if it was never installed. By chance I run the setup again but this time one of the Roxio programs was already running. This time the installer detected the previous installation and asked me if I wanted to Repair or uninstall, so I chose to Repair. When repairing, it fixed the content!! Not very intuitive... but got it working now. Thanks for your help!! Looks like I will stick to this software for now
  3. Frames/Mat/Edge Not available

    In case an image is better to explain my problem: here is the photosuite: and here is a list of my files... Can anyone please confirm what directory (and directory structure) is photosuite expecting to find? I would really appreciate any help. If I cannot make this work in the next couple of days, I think I would return this product and try a different software. (I know it would be another pain.. but I am not sure what else to do ) Thanks
  4. Cannot Edit Chapters

    That did the trick!! Thanks a lot!!! For my own curiosity, could you explain this option? When can it be enabled ? I am guessing hardware would allow for better performance? (when it works) Thanks
  5. Cannot Edit Chapters

    I am using MyDVD, I selected a Menu style and added a movie. I then click on Edit Chapters, and it opens a new window "Edit Chapters" and I wait till it loads the movie in the small black box. after a few seconds it shows the duration of the movie: 01:40:09:12 and the buttons (play/forward..) but the movie does not get displayed in the black box. If I click on the play button, nothing happens, if I click in the Automatically create chapters "Go" button, nothing happens. If I move the dial it moves the position value, but the black box remains black... Any idea how to make it work? Thanks
  6. Burning hangs randomly

    My computer is a Dell Latitude E6400 4 GB RAM Windows XP SP 3 Intel Core2 Duo CPU T9550 @2.66 Ghz Matshita DVD+=RW UJ862A -> Comes by default with the laptop. Easy Creator 2010 SE SP 1 Video: Mobile Intel® 4 Series Express Chipset Family Sound: Intel® High Definition Audio HDMI Thanks
  7. Frames/Mat/Edge Not available

    I just re-installed the product after disabling the antivirus program. No luck, I got the same behavior. With the mats, I have the option open the templates by selecting "Using my own photo".. but whit the clip art, fram or edge, I don't have options to open nothing. Does anybody know if there is a way to get support from Roxio on this issue? or anybody has any other tip I could try? Thanks
  8. Burning hangs randomly

    At this point am I am very frustrated for all the problems I have been facing ever since I got this software!! I am now burning an ISO image to a DVD. Its size is aprox 3.5 Gb. I tried 2 times and it got stock at some random sector of the DVD... The first time I though.. welll maybe something wrong with the DVD, next time I was considering something wrong with my unit. So for testing, I used a different software (CD Burner XP). It burned it quickly with no issues at all. Can anybody explain me why a free software is able to burn the image while this Roxio software is having problems? My unit is Matshita DVD +-RW UJ862A The DVD is Sony DVD-R 4.7 Gb Thanks for your help!
  9. Frames/Mat/Edge Not available

    Yes, I do have the SP 1. My version of creator is 1.2.193 SP1; 5.0.0 My computer specifications are: Dell Latitude E6400 Windows XP professional SP3 Intel Core2 Duo CPU T9550 @2.66GHz 4 GB RAM I did a full install from the CD I got from Costco. Steps: 1. Open Photosuite 2. Open a photo from my PC (jpeg) 3. Change to "Enhance your photos" tab 4. Click on Frame. it opens a "Frame" window with a message: "There are no items to be displayed", The select a Frma List of values is disabled. Same thing happens with Clip art, Mat, Edge If I check my installed files under C:\Program Files\Roxio 2010\PhotoSuite 12\Content\Clip Art\Baby, I find the files in there under different subdirectories (jpg) If I check under C:\Program Files\Roxio 2010\PhotoSuite 12\Content\Borders I find files (png files)
  10. I just got the Roxio Creator 2010. I am playing with the photos and when I try to add a frame or edge (or mat) I get a window saying "There are no itmes to show to this view" and I see no search options. I checked using the file manager and I found under C:\Program Files\Roxio 2010\PhotoSuite 12\Content\Borders\ subfolders for all 3 of them and files in them. How can I enable the software so it can use the borders? Thanks for your help!
  11. I am new to this so maybe it is a silly question.. I just imported my first video from a VCR. When I play it back, the sound looks normal however after half of the video, the sound gets delayed, ie. the sound is not phased with the movement of the mouth, I see people talking and the voice plays at a different time. Any idea why this happens? and how to fix it? I imported it in HD, DVD format. Thanks