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  1. Toast 10 Version10.0.9

    Dear Eugene thanks for all your efforts tried it all no difference if i find solution eventually I will let you know but THANK YOU ANYWAY
  2. Toast 10 Version10.0.9

    Thanks again for replying im downloading from porn site eg when i get say 6 short sequences or whatever and load them onto toast always making sure that the loading bar is nowhere near full ie towards the right hand side looking screen when the toast gets to the end notice comes up say not enough room for what I have try to burn to disc and as i said before I have to delete some and isuall the bar then is showing eg 1.5gb and it works. I dont know as I said before whats causing it but previously i could load the disc fully before with rejection thanks again
  3. Toast 10 Version10.0.9

    Dear Eugene thank you so much for replying to my request re info with my device but the reason I was asking was that I have been downloading in this way for years and provided that I never when beyond the right hand side of the loading bar this problem never occurred in fact if one does go beyond the right hand side of the bar you get a warning and certainly never with the loading bar only showing half full If you have any further thoughts it would be most appreciated John Donovan
  4. Toast 10 Version10.0.9

    Hi im a 74 year old man and have used a Toast 10.0.9 for some time .I recently used it to download some short video content and was nowhere near the max allowed to overload the disc at the end of download the notice came up saying that there was not enough room to complete the downloads. At this point in time the loaded bar was only full up to the middle of bar. After deleting a couple of items the disc was completed . This happened again with next items and I deleted some again and as usual the loading bar was showing only half full. I apologise for not knowing the correct terminology for the toast 10 thank you
  5. Copy An Existing Dvd That I Already Made

    I have tried copying an existing disc that i have made i just want to make sure i am doing it the right way. I realise i may not be doing it the right way or the disc is got errors because it appears to get approx half way and then rejects it.
  6. Toast 10

    Hi Could you tell me please where to find the settings for toast 10 so that it does not open up every time I switch on my MAC Tried finding it myself but have failed.Ideally I only want to open it when I go to it via applications. Thanks
  7. burning downloaded films from the web

    We all need a laugh now and then thanks for all your hard work but you wont believe this I have 3 dvd players and one packed up I was going to give it to my daughter for one of the children's bedroom so instead today I bought 2 one each.Guess what the dvd that you have worked so hard on to solve plays on the new player without any alteration LOL!!!!! thanks any way They were not expensive £50 eacj
  8. burning downloaded films from the web

    Sorry for not having enough knowledge re this matter I can only say that the dvd that i got in the post plays on the mac ok but all the ways i tried to copy it failed except for your last help which allowed it to also be seen on both mac and home dvd player which i could not do before but as i also said before the are practically freeze frames. Im really sorry that I cant give any more info john PS all I can tell you is I just put it into mac to be played and the only info I get is its title name followed by .divx The only other thing that may be of use to you is that the dvd was recorded on a DVD-R -R it and 8X 4.tGB whereas the disc im trying to burn to is DVD-RW 4.7 4 X speed vitesse 120 minutes I guessing this is of no importance but mention it in case john Thanks
  9. burning downloaded films from the web

    Is that all you can do for me now john donovan thanks as usual
  10. burning downloaded films from the web

  11. burning downloaded films from the web

    I am wrong apologise I thought it was playing but it was playing just before the burn started .There is in a way an improvement re house dvd. It is now that both of the players ie home and mac play but a better word would be still photos so in that way whereas the home dvd did not show anything before it shows the same as the mac ie pixilating pictures but practically the same pic frame sorry again john
  12. burning downloaded films from the web

    your wonderful and so kind
  13. burning downloaded films from the web

    can i also clarify this mountingthe image i presume you mean open it
  14. burning downloaded films from the web

    I am doing that it takes quite a while its still encoding at the moment. thanks for being so helpful and patient john