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  1. My Dvd Crashes

    Thank you for the help and suggestions. I needed the program so I had already started removing and reinstalling it. It all seems to be working now. I still have not figured out how to go from editing a moving to making a DVD, but I hope to figure that out soon.
  2. My Dvd Crashes

    Trying to fix one problem with Roxio Creator NXT Pro 4, I did a complete clean using a program called Revo Uninstall with the anit-virus and firewall programs turned off, and reinstalled Roxio. Now I get the following error when trying to open Video Wave or to Copy and Convert Video. I have run the repair feature of setup twice to no avail. Does anyone have a suggestion that does not involve completely removing the program again?
  3. My Dvd Crashes

    Unfortunately, there is a new problem since the reinstall. When i attempt to open either Video Wave or Copy and Convert Video under either account, I get the following error message. I have already run the repair option from set up and it did not fix it. Since this is related to the original problem, can you make some suggestions for this or do I need to start a new thread?
  4. My Dvd Crashes

    After following the instructions, My DVD would open in the new account I created but not in the existing account. Same message and same result. Although I did not have the files, I decided to rebuild the missing path as Digital Guru suggested. It worked. I don't know where that information was stored but apparently you should never delete the path of your last project. Thank you for the help.
  5. My Dvd Crashes

    Just to make sure I understand, #2 is create a new user account in Windows 10? I suppose I am to install the program so that anyone can use it and then remove the account once everything is finished?
  6. My Dvd Crashes

    Thank you for replying. I followed your instructions twice but it still does the same thing.
  7. My Dvd Crashes

    Let me re-emphasize. I am NOT clicking on open existing projects but on CREATE NEW PROJECT. Also, I cannot locate the old files as they do not exist any longer. The project was a project from months ago when I first attempted to use this version of the program to create a DVD. I never got the program to create the DVD. After hours of trying, I used another program to do the job, finished the project, and the source files are now deleted. Again, any ideas?
  8. My Dvd Crashes

    I enlarged it.
  9. My Dvd Crashes

    Thank you for the reply and help. No matter what I click, the same thing happens. I am including two pictures of what happens. If you can't read the pictures, let me knowm
  10. My Dvd Crashes

    I have NXT Pro 4. I have tried several times to create a DVD on this version but cannot. I finally gave up on my last project and used another program. Now when I open MY DVD, it looks for the files from the old project (which are no longer there), tells me it cannot find them, then says MYDVD App has stopped working.... I do not know why it is looking for an old project when I am selecting create a new DVD project. Any ideas?
  11. Mts Input

    Folks, thank you for your help. Roxio never would accept the MTS file I was working on and it dawned on me to try another one, which it did accept, so I am assuming that file is just corrupt somehow. At least I know Roxio still takes MTS files. Again, thank you.
  12. Mts Input

    Digital Guru, Thank you. I had already set about to uninstall Roxio the old-fashioned way but the next time--and it looks like there will be a next time--I will use the program you recommend. To be sure that I deleted all references to Roxio, after using Windows uninstall, I used CCCleaner to correct and remove any registry errors, then I used RegEdit to search for and remove every folder that contained a "Roxio" reference, then I used Advanced Uninstall Pro to clean and optimize the registry, then I used Registar Register Manager to search for any remaining references to "Roxio" and deleted them until there were none, then I used CCCleaner again. I rebooted several times during this process to be sure that I got all traces of Roxio off the computer before reinstalling. Once installed, I imported a MTS file with no problems and no messages but it still does not have sound. I have verified that the file has sound. I can also import an avi file or song into the same file and it has sound--just not the MTS file. Any suggestions?
  13. Mts Input

    Again thank you for responding. It looks like I will remove it again. This is third removal but with each installation, things are closer to working. Maybe the third time is the charm!
  14. Mts Input

    Thank you for your quick response. Follow up - I found that information so I did a complete removal and reinstall. Once I did that, Roxio allowed me to input the MTS format, but when I did, the Windows Installer window opened wanting to find a CPDP.msi file. I found that file and directed the browser to it but it would not accept it, saying something about locating a CiniPlayer Decoder file by the same name. I could not find one so I clicked on the CPDP.msi and it installed. Now, I don't get the message but I don't have any audio playing on the imported video either. I have rebooted several times and I am not sure what is going on. I believe the CPDP file must have something to do with the audio but I do not know what the program wants me to do.
  15. Windows 10

    Can anyone tell me if it is possible to install Roxio NXT Pro 2 onto Windows 10? I get a "setup as determined that the configuration is incomparable" error during installation but the program worked fine after the Windows 8.1 to 10 upgrade. I'm trying to figure out why I cannot reinstall it directly to Windows 10. Thank yiou.