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  1. Missing Usb Video Capture Option

    yeh, its the same number I have on the disc sleeve it came in. never had soooo much trouble with a re-install or repair. I cant even uninstall it.
  2. Missing Usb Video Capture Option

    next update to answer earlier question I missed it is EVD3 plus/st I copied disc folders and files to a new folder, ran setup got error messages could not run internet. opened ie and minimized, solved that then next screen was key # entered gave me not valid, re-entered (was correct) and could not validate. stuck there . is it possible the different versions of evd, creator and nxt4 are starting to compete creating the hiccups? need to get system cleaned out and do a clean install of creator 10 special (worked best for me, never got nxt to work right and forum recommended staying with creator 10) and evd for driver I have dell software service and they do a pretty good job when I've had trouble in past.
  3. Missing Usb Video Capture Option

    I have both, but I was using evd to try and reinstall the driver for the adapter
  4. Missing Usb Video Capture Option

    I found the Roxio USB device in the sounds games area of the device manager and deleted it then removed and restarted. my problem now is the disc starts setup tells me I have a newer ver already installed and goes nonresponsive. I even tried to uninstall the program to no avail. that was when I considered looking for a restore point prior to the updates when things were working. but I don't set them and I don't think they are programmed occur regularly. really frustrated.
  5. Missing Usb Video Capture Option

    how do I do a is it called a setback where I take computer back to see if one was logged at the update? doesn't usually but worth a look.
  6. Missing Usb Video Capture Option

    no luck. I remove device from device manager, restart. try to repair through program manager and nothing seems to happen is there somewhere else the device will install because if I plug it in, windows will acknowledge it and install it to device manager, but none of the Roxio programs will see it via capture video. not to add more potential problems is nxt6 any better? or alternate program and/or device that would work as well? I cant seem to fix it this time. when it worked it worked pretty seamlessly.
  7. Missing Usb Video Capture Option

    i'll try again. I thought about the evd having the file but it did not want to run. kept telling me there was "a newer version installed." possible conflicts from creator or nxt? very possible I forgot to restart at each step. will keep you posted.
  8. Missing Usb Video Capture Option

    I'm back again a year later with same issue. auto update done for computer and usb selection on video capture gone and this time I cant get it back I deleted the driver form device controller as before and re-installed it with Creator 10 special edition set to repair.(took forever!) plugged in device (HU3180-el) and webcam and vdp source are only options computer is Dell inspire laptop running window7 64 bit connecting to dish hopper rca connectors. I believe hdmi connector on laptop is output only
  9. Create Dvds Doesn't Run

    home computer wifi network to laptop and printer. computer is hardwired to router network to other computer doesn't work right I can connect to desktop from laptop but not reverse haven't taken time to get fixed.
  10. Create Dvds Doesn't Run

    used moderate selection, let program choose, did not edit. error messages across ther board. I'm not very c literate. obviously just enough to get into trouble. repaired printer working, it effected word (visual basic environment could not be initialized) outlook: zipsend initialize failed. ? feature turned off? exel one of your object libraries is missing/damaged word suite is biggy to reinstall/repair. back to "My DVD" any clue as to the "network path not found" issue
  11. Create Dvds Doesn't Run

    after the re-install everything but My DVD appears to be working. it checked for updates and installed a couple of patches. btw I think revo deleted some of my printer files cause it isn't working now.
  12. Create Dvds Doesn't Run

    my os is windows 7 home premium 64 bit.
  13. any dvd or video function in my NXT4 would not run so I downloaded revo as recommended in another thread and uninstalled the programs. then I re-installed. now I still can not get Create DVDs to run. " My DVD starts, gives me the 3 formats, I get it to go as far as selecting DVD and then it gives me "an unknown error has occurred and the application will shut down now; Exception: The network path was not found." any suggestions how to proceed now?
  14. Missing Usb Video Capture Option

    dc'd device and repaired evd. did put usb option back in creator 2010 thanks.
  15. Missing Usb Video Capture Option

    I have no idea why the selection disappeared. Just looking at what changed between the last time I used program a few weeks ago and now. things always work different after any kind of update. USB devices: I now have both. I picked up the newer one with pig tail at the usb end to reduce tension on the port. and to see if the original one went bad. device manager lists the devices as "usb composite device" It does not appear Roxio is loading drive but microsft may be????? how would I get proper driver? as to nxt 4 not looking like what I'm used to i'll live with it as long as it works. I had to get used to changes when I upgraded from 5 to 2010 to nxt4. all different and supposedly better and "more functional and smoother" great ad hhype.... I just want something that works so I can copy from my dvr to disk with decent definition.