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  1. grandpabruce

    Convert DVD in Toast 17

    I hope that your realize that you just wasted a lot of space! I doubt seriously that anyone is going to read all of it. This isn't tech support.
  2. grandpabruce

    Missing Usb Video Capture Option

    I would also suggest turning off auto update. I would also suggest that, once you get it up and running, you backup that drive or clone it.
  3. grandpabruce

    Back On Track backwards compatibility

    If all was working well in NXT4, why would you upgrade to NXT 6? As you found out, the newest is not necessarily the greatest.
  4. Wow! It looks like folks here are going to let someone else try to help you, but I doubt anyone would take a risk by asking some stupid question like "Why were you being a stupid idiot with your post?"
  5. It may be helpful if you post a screen capture of what you see.
  6. grandpabruce

    bluetooth crashing toast

    I don't have a Mac, but why not leave everything alone when you are burning a disc? In short, don't do anything until the burn is done!
  7. grandpabruce

    cannot Build Render Graph

    I don't know if EMC 2012 is compatible with Windows 10, but here is a link for Roxio software for Windows 10. http://www.corel.com/en/corel-and-windows-10/
  8. grandpabruce


    This new board sucks bigtime!
  9. grandpabruce

    Jerky Video Playback

    If the software that you had before was working for you, why would you supposedly upgrade to a newer version that doesn't work?
  10. grandpabruce

    Burn Blu Ray Disc - Possible To Force Toast To Not Re-encode?

    sk810, your post may help someone in the future, but you posted to a thread that has basically been dead for over 8.5 years!
  11. grandpabruce

    Nxt 6 Is Not Working

    What happens if you add an unedited video? Is it ok at 7 minutes?
  12. grandpabruce

    Iso File Deletion

    Great! You are welcome.
  13. grandpabruce

    Iso File Deletion

    Did you reboot your computer and try again?
  14. grandpabruce

    Roxio 10 To Nxt 5

    That would be your decision to make, not someone else's .
  15. grandpabruce

    Roxio 10 To Nxt 5

    I do not have any of the NXT products on my computer, but previous version of the Roxio software were NOT COMPATIBLE with versions before it. Hopefully, someone can answer you about this newer software, so you will know whether or not to go for a refund.