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  1. video card fails to meet minimum specifications

    Ok. Reinstalled windows XP home and installed Roxio Crunch for Windows and it works again. Never install an update again for this application. Roxio stick to the minimum hardware requirements that's posted on the box.
  2. video card fails to meet minimum specifications

    Nope, that didn't work. Going to have to reinstall windows to get this to work. No time in the near future. Will have to wait. This is why Windows needs to be resintalled. If anyone has an idea of how to clean every bit of Roxio Crunch for windows off of a PC, or all Roxio don't care, please share.
  3. video card fails to meet minimum specifications

    I guess I'm going to try Hijack This! to remove as much Roxio as I can, hack registry and delete any Application Data. Then reinstall original version. Probably won't work, so last resort, REINSTALL WINXP HOME EDITION. Which the reinstall limit has been exceeded. Thanks for the support Roxio.
  4. video card fails to meet minimum specifications

    Any advise, folks?
  5. I purchased Roxio crunch from roxio.com and has been working good. A week ago the software prompted with a new version and continued to update. When I ran the new version, it stated 'Your video card fails to meet minimum specifications; please upgrade. I run an ATI Radeon X800 with 256mb. Should be plenty of resources. Running WindowsXP Home Edition sp3. 4GB Ram. I tried reinstalling original version, but same problem occurrs. Is there is a utility that removes everything Roxio? Please help.