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  1. Nxt 5 Pro - Sound Editor

    Yes, correct. I always listen to the captured files immediately after capture on the PC. If all is good I then export the file which is mostly ready for import into itunes. It's pretty rare that I burn to CD's anymore. I appreciate the help, and apologize for not being clear enough in my posts. It's SUPER clear in my thoughts! : )
  2. Nxt 5 Pro - Sound Editor

    The problem is a glitch during the track, and occurs randomly. My most recent attempts have been to try to capture no more than three short tracks, and have attempted to capture only one several times. I usually just use "Edit Audio" for the entire operation, and do not separate tracks until I'm ready to edit and export. I did try the "digitize LP"s and tapes" option once. Glitches still present. As far as uploading a sample, give me a little time on that as I'm not at that computer and may need a bit of a tutorial to get it done! Thanks!
  3. Nxt 5 Pro - Sound Editor

    Sorry for the second post, but should probably mention that I rip to .wav, and to a second internal hard drive which is identical to the C drive. That's what I've been doing all along. Hardware is an AT-LP120 turntable (internal preamp off), running through a U-Turn Pluto phono amp, and into the PC from there. Using the built in sound on the PC as I've done since I built the machine.
  4. Nxt 5 Pro - Sound Editor

    Okay, not sure who is responding to who on here but that's what makes it fun, right? Anyway, I took awhile off from this and tried to rip an LP over the weekend. EVERY SINGLE track had at least one minor glitch. Tried again, same thing, different spots in the music. I uninstalled and reinstalled NXT 5. Since I'm on an "older" computer, I deleted my user account and created a new, fresh one. I did do that before reinstalling NXT 5. Got everything up and running, tried again, same result. I turn Norton to silent mode, I'm trying to catch whatever might be attempting to update. I'm just at a complete loss here. Some other programs were mentioned for ripping. Would they possibly work in my case? I still want to use Roxio for editing the ripped files, but dang, can't even get one track to rip cleanly.
  5. Nxt 5 Pro - Sound Editor

    Well, a little over a week with it. So far, no freezes. But........almost every LP I rip has some kind of minor hiccup. Not a problem if there is a break between songs because I just go back and rip that one again. If it's an entire album side, that could/would be a problem. Haven't tried that yet. What are the kinds of things that cause the software to hiccup/glitch? I don't hear it as it's recording, only when I check the finished product. I turn Norton to "silent mode" for the duration of a session. Suggestions?
  6. Nxt 5 Pro - Sound Editor

    I went ahead and ordered NXT 5 Pro. I have it installed, and to my eye and experience, sound editor is identical to what it's been for several generations now. No cosmetic changes whatsoever. The proof that there is something new under the hood will come when I no longer have the freeze ups that I had with 12. I've done some editing but haven't yet ripped any LP's. I'll post more when I've had a bit more time with it.
  7. Nxt 5 Pro - Sound Editor

    I originally installed it on a Windows 8 machine. When 10 came along I did the update without making any changes to C12. For the most part, it functions okay, at least for what I use it for which is audio. But, and I can't isolate why, on some occasions after recording a vinyl LP using my line in connection, I'll hit stop at the end of the recording and sound editor freezes up leaving me with nothing. Rare, but it happens. No error messages.
  8. I am currently using Creator 12 Pro, Windows 10. It does glitch from time to time. Just wanted to see if the version of Sound Editor that comes with NXT 5 Pro is the same as was in Creator 12, or if it is a new program. I really only use Roxio for audio work, so I'm not too concerned with the video functionality. Thanks!
  9. I purchased the 2012 download when it came out. Also purchased the backup physical media disk just in case. Well, the program has been fine since the installation, but I've recently upgraded to Windows 8.1 I no longer have access to the download, at least I don't think I do. But.....tried to install from the disk Roxio sent me.....I get to the splash screen, but as soon as I hit install, the disk starts spinning but nothing happens. When I go to eject the disk, I get the message asking if I want to go ahead with the installation. Too late at that point. I was able to install my old 2010 Creator, so at least I have something to work with, but I would like to know what my options are to get this disk replaced. Seems I would have to use "paid" support since I'm out of warranty. Don't really want to have to do that. Suggestions? Thanks! Jim
  10. Cd Compilation

    Thanks! That did the trick. I ripped several songs to a .wav format, which I believe is the best quality. The CD compilation sounds great! Jim
  11. Cd Compilation

    I was creating a CD from various CD's, and Roxio wants to convert the songs to mp3 256. Is this the best quality I can get? I want to get an "exact" copy of what's on the CD I'm copying from. Space is not an issue. I didn't see a way to create a different kind of copy, so if there is a better way, please explain. Thanks!!
  12. Blu-Ray Plug In

    Will the blu-ray plug in work withe Creator 2010 Special Edition?