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  1. Yes, that should work!!!! Great idea. Thank you. Kris
  2. I have just finished a 10 minute video for Youtube and decided that I want to add a picture to the beginning of the production. Easy enough, but I have about 12 text effect "comments" timed throughout the video. Of course, I don't do it enough to remember the best way.....and I didn't embed the comments in the production, but instead added them as separate items. (Does that make sense?) So when I go to add the picture for the title page it shifts all the video, but not the text. That of course messes up the timing. Can I do any of the following? - Shift all the text at the same time (So if the picture last 10 seconds, I can push back all text 10 seconds.) - embed the text now after the fact? - Shift ALL ITEMS in the production when I add the pic? I am open to any other way then having to go back and watch the video and move comments (again) to the right spot. I greatly appreciate your help in advance! Kris
  3. The clips are from my HD Canon camera that I have used for quite some time now. I typically play them back in windows media player. This is the first time I have had an issue like this. Interestingly, I did see the similar post from Jimmy Pie "Rendering Some Audio Missing." I could try to convert them into a different format, but I have processed hundreds of hours of video the same way without having to do this. Strange goings on! Kris
  4. My Dvd - Error 8004600

    Well, it is looking like my problem has finally been solved! I hoping this isn't jinxing it. Anyway, after my $25 call with Roxio, they could not figure out a solution. (It locked up while they were trying to work on it.) Anyway, he suggested to look more at the hardware. - I ran Memtest for many, many hours with no errors. - I downloaded Heaven Benchmark and really took the video card to task. All went perfect. - I then tried Prime95 and started to get errors. I really couldn't ID what the errors meant, but had errors none the less. - I then tried AMD overdrive and after a short period of time, it stated an error and said I had to reboot. I sent all the info to AMD and they issued an RMA and replaced the CPU with a new one. (It was a good thing I bought a boxed unit with warranty!) In all the years of me building PCs, I have NEVER had a bad CPU. I am working out another small issue with audio, but my rig is processing HD video like crazy with no lock ups or reboots. For now, I will consider this issue resolved! I will more than likely upgrade to NXT2 in the next few months. Thanks for everyone's help. Kris
  5. I had some hardware issues that were recently addressed (bad CPU) and I have been throwing some projects at NXT to ensure that the hardware issues have been addressed. Videowave works great from a usability standpoint. All my HD clips have audio within project. When I export out a MP4, AVI or MP2 I only have audio for the first minute or so. After that, it goes mute. I have gone back into the project and verified that there is sound in all the clips. I tried 2 new projects with different video clips and the issue is the same. I moved some clips that did work in one project (had audio in exported file) and moved them to another project. The audio did not work. So it seems as if there is some barrier around the 1 minute mark that is muting the audio. Any suggestions? thanks! Kris
  6. My Dvd - Error 8004600

    Hello all. I got excited when I saw the new version of NXT and was ready to order it....but then realized, I probably should get my current version working first! So, I pulled the band aid off finally and Revo uninstalled, admin account, turned off AV, rebooted and logged in with admin, copied disc to HDD, check compatibility, installed. (If I missed typing a step, know that I followed Jim's steps from other posts. Printed it out and follow each step. Thanks Jim!) First test: - Created new Blu Ray project. As before, it seems to edit video okay. Export out to MyDVD went find, but when selecting music for slide show, the software just shut down (no errors, just went away.) - Another attempt in MyDVD and was able to create slide show with music, but when processing video, the preview would run smooth for 2-3 seconds....then pause for one second over and over. It was like it was hanging up a little. After 5-10 minutes, blue screen error. Second test: - Tried video from GoPro this time to see if files would make a difference. Edited fine (other than a little audio lag in the editing if you kept an edit window open too long.) Attempted to export to file this time and crashed during processing. Other info: Over the last year, I have been using a different editing package and I do have issues (lock ups, etc.) say 10% of the time. So, that leads me to believe that it's not completely the software's fault. (Although with the other program, I can at least produce projects.) My computer has been flawless in every other way that I have noticed. I have another post here that speaks to this, but I almost get the feeling that its the video card and/or drivers. (I have tried several differnent drivers, including beta ones.) I seem to have the most problem when processing video. Its almost as if the memory fills up and then locks up. I don't know....I REALLY want Roxio to work..and I even want to upgrade (still.) Thoughts anyone? Thank you in advance. KRS62
  7. Recommend Video Cards?

    Hi Jim....just out of curiosity why do you say burn it to a disc? Is this for installation reasons or to ensure I do not lose it? (I have it backed up remotely if that is the concern.) Thanks! Kris
  8. The original thread was locked. ? Just a quick note that my "check for updates" is again working. Due to no changes by me. (I don't think that there were any updates, but it is at least working.) I am curious if the original poster update is working as well. KRS
  9. Recommend Video Cards?

    Thanks for the write up Jim. I will try what you posted. (I tried a repair once in the past.) That got me thinking however, I have a download copy of the install files. Meaning, I do not have a disc. Do you think that could be part of the issue when doing a repair? Kris
  10. Recommend Video Cards?

    I followed them, but no luck. (I will reboot and try again.) It started out great, but got to 99% in the render process and sat there for over an hour. (2 1/2 minute HD video with a few pics.) So, I cancelled it. It wasn't "locked up" per say..as it allowed me to cancel and exit software.
  11. Recommend Video Cards?

    When I do that, here's the error I get: Failed to initialize AuthorScript. Failed to initialize AuthorScript. Error while Opening Project
  12. Recommend Video Cards?

    The source video is HD, the production around 35 min and the quality is very high. I am attempting to make a Blu Ray. (I think I tried to make a DVD too, but do not remember for sure.) As an FYI, it produces the video just fine in Video Wave. The error is in creating a disc in My DVD. I will try your suggestion later today and see what happens.
  13. Recommend Video Cards?

    CD - I tried software rendering and had the same issue. I also tried burning to a file instead of disc and no luck. Jim - In my original post of the problem in the errors section (of which you were very helpful, thank you) someone had posted about disabling the 2nd monitor. I tried it and reported back in that post. Or, were you saying that I never mentioned it in this post? This post was not a diagnosis of the problem, but looking to turn the page and get a new card if it helped. But yes, if both monitors are running = it never attempts to process video and I get an instant Error 8004600. If I disable 2nd monitor = I do not get that error and all seems well at first. It will start processing video for DVD project....but at some variable point it will crash before it finishes. thanks guys! Kris
  14. Recommend Video Cards?

    Yes I have. Shut off all anti virus stuff, "repaired" and rebooted, etc. Updated motherboard and video drivers. The dual monitor settings seem to be part of the issue (or helping it.) When I shut off support of the 2nd monitor, the 8004600 error goes away, but it will crash somewhere in the processing the video for the DVD (or file.) I really appreciate the help, but thought I would try a different way to get to the end goal of usability. The reason of this post was to see if there recommend card or chipset that Roxio uses and that they test on and if so, get that card. I know that there are many different hardware/software combos that are out there but thought if they recommend 1 or several cards then I would upgrade to one of those. Does that make sense? If I had the "recommended" card, then that would help eliminate that as an issue. thank you! KRS
  15. Recommend Video Cards?

    Thanks cdanteek. I already have a post related to the error and didn't want to cross wires here. It is a 8004600 error in My DVD. KRS