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    Rendering Stopped Working.

    Thank you very much for taking the time to respond.... well....then it dawned on me... all I did was uninstall the program, perform a "disc cleaner" & "Reg Cleaner"......and then reinstall the program... back up and running...duh.. Thanks again...
  2. mikpec

    Rendering Stopped Working.

    BTW, I was able to bring the file directly into DVD creator and it burned fine.... I just cant get it to export to render with different settings and formats.. anyone???
  3. mikpec

    Rendering Stopped Working.

    Thanks for the reply, Im using windows 7 and have not had one problem with this program....I've tried to render several different clips of varying sizes, some I've even already rendered....and at all different resolutions too. This is killing me as I have a client calling every 2 hours....I've got it edited how I want and now can't render it for use... ...signed alone and nauseous....lol.
  4. I've been using Roxio Creator 2010 right along with no problems. Used it several times today to capture, edit, render and burn. all of a sudden, I want to render a video from VideoWave, so I click the "export as" button, up come the "Render" screen and when I click create video file, the next screen comes up where it usually shows the progress....but now...it does not do anything...just sits there... Mind you I just did some work this morning....any ideas what could be wrong. I've installed new video card recently with no problems and updated driver, I've defraged and clean, I did a "repair" with the Roxio Disc....nothing. Thanks for you help..
  5. Hi all, thanks for the help in the past. Always can count on your experience. What are the best quality settings for the rendering to output? I see in the custom settings that there are other settings than default. Like adjusting up to 10 bit rate. Also why, and what are the quality diferences in 29.9fps as opposed to 9mb/s. In theory and in experience is always helpful. Thanks,
  6. mikpec

    graphics card

    Thanks for the input, I think I'll stay with what I have and just, buy new when I outgrow this. Thanks, Mike
  7. mikpec

    graphics card

    Thanks, so you don't think upgrading willmake much difference? Thanks again
  8. mikpec

    graphics card

    Greetings, alittle help please! I've been editiing on a 3 year old PC with XP. I don't have much problem really but the occasional freeze & crash. Not a problem. I've recently upgraded Ram & harddrive. the PC has a "Nvidia Geforce FX 5600-XT 256MB card with DVI + TV out 8X AGP card" that came with it. Is it to my advantage to put a more up-to-date card in. I wouldn't want to spend more that $100 or so, because I don't have problems now. BUT then again I don't know what I'm missing or what I could have. Thanks guys,
  9. Sorry, I never did thank you for taking the time to respond. Thanks for the help! I also never got to thank you for your response. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. But thanks for the tip, Mike
  10. Do you mean to just split the video in arbitrary places in VideoWave so it is broken up? How do I burn it to ISO file first ? Thanks, With a movie that's 1hr 44min, that's a lot of segments,isn't it. How many segments have you created in one project? Thanks.
  11. some of you guys are amazing. Here's a problem for you. I edited 1hr & 44 mins. of avi footage in videowave. Then I rendered it to Mpeg2, at bit rate 6. So now it's down to 4.6GB. Good so far. I bring it into DVD Builder, after previewing it, it looks fine no problems. But when I play the DVD, the audio sync drifts to the point of 2 to 3 secs by 20 minute in. What's up? thanks mike