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  1. Export To Wmv File

    I am a premium customer and I re-downloaded photoshow 6 and it worked perfectly. Thank you so much.
  2. Export To Wmv File

    When I go to share my photoshow, choose export video file, select the wmv file, then click ok, the program just sits there. It does nothing.
  3. Wmv File Export

    I am currently using PhotoShow 5. If I download PhotoShow 6, will I lose my current PhotoShows?
  4. Wmv File Export

    I cannot export my PhotoShow to a WMV file. When I click export video, it takes me back to the Share tab. I have successfully exported two other PhotoShows to WMV files. I get no error message.
  5. Burn Photoshow Slideshows In Mydvd

    I have PhotoShow 5.
  6. Burn Photoshow Slideshows In Mydvd

    How difficult would it be to export the slideshow to a video file? Does MyDVD require a certain format? And if so, what?
  7. Is it possible to use MyDVD to burn PhotoShow slideshows to DVD? And if this is possible, can you add more than one photoshow slideshow with the option to play one or a different one?
  8. Photoshow Slideshow Burned To Dvd

    Is there any way in PhotoShow to not have a slideshow which has been burned to a DVD start automatically after it has been put in the DVD player?