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  1. Hi, I actually use *toast Eight* and i am on a mac OS 10.4.11 and am having occasional issues. I am a videographer and I use Toast to back up my large files on *data Bluray disc* basically occasionally the bluray data disc will allow me to play the files but will not allow me to copy them. Not even to my desktop. i consider this a real hindrance to my workflow. what on earth is going on? can you tell me of a setting that I can change within toast? thank you
  2. eyemoed

    Data Dvd Problem

    working on a documentary now and I'm using a Mac G5 OS 10.4.11 and using toast 8. I've been making Blu-ray data-dvd backups of my video files. Have occasionally (sporadically) had problems with the discs. Note that the disc burns and verifys as correct - however, when I try to copy files from disc to desktop/hard drive/or anywhere, files will not copy. Files will open and play, they are still accessable in this manner but copying? forget it. Does anyone know what might even cause this? Im uncertain why it even happens. is there a box that i can check/uncheck to prevent this? has it happened to anyone else? thanks for any help you may offer.