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  1. My Cd/dvd Drive Stopped Working

    great, will do and will let you know how it goes.
  2. My Cd/dvd Drive Stopped Working

    Sorry, maybe my wording wasn't what I meant, it seems i've read there it can interfer with other things (programs, settings),....not sure how to say it. If my drive went bad, I don't think Roxio caused that at all. Anyhow, I guess it's safe to assume that when I get a new cd/dvd burner and it works okay, that it's safe to reinstall roxio creator?
  3. My Cd/dvd Drive Stopped Working

    Okay, I'll try getting a new one and see how that goes. I appreciate all your help!
  4. My Cd/dvd Drive Stopped Working

    My computer is a Dell Dimension E520. It was Roxio v. 1.0.0 I deleted it as I never used it, but still no luck.
  5. My Cd/dvd Drive Stopped Working

    Sorry, I thought that was part of the basic Roxio program that came on my computer (which is 3 years old and i've never had a problem before installing the roxio creator)... I removed Roxio DLA and rebooted, still doesn't work. These are still on my computer though (and always have been) Roxio MyDVDLE, Roxio Record Now Audio, Copy, Data and Roxio update manager, should I remove those as well?
  6. My Cd/dvd Drive Stopped Working

    one more thing...i can't stop looking at things. If I go to My Computer, I see the drive listed: DVD-RW Drive (D:), if I right click it and click on format, it says Format D:-RoxioDLA Waiting for device. Device my be disconnected or may be in use by another program. Does this mean anything to you?
  7. My Cd/dvd Drive Stopped Working

    just tried that and it didn't fix it.
  8. My Cd/dvd Drive Stopped Working

    There is someone I can ask to come over which I will do. Thank you again for all your time and suggestions.
  9. My Cd/dvd Drive Stopped Working

    My operating system is Windows XP, Media Center Edition, Version 2002, Service Pack 3 (not sure what x32 or x64 means)- if you still need that, where do i find that info? Yes the drive is seen on my computer It is seen in device manager and there is no yellow explanation mark. the status is: This device is working properly. No, I cannot use the drive in any application. I've tried all kinds of applications cd's/dvd's. The drive light turns green for about 2 seconds, but it always says to put a disk in the drive (and I've tried many type of disks). I don't know if this matters or not, but I'm able to get the drive to open and close with my keyboard, so there is some communication. No, it's Internet Explorer version 8 Thank you for your time and help. Edited to get replies out of the quotes.
  10. My Cd/dvd Drive Stopped Working

    yes, that is how i uninstalled it and when i rebooted, it found the device and installed the driver. i should say i've spent days reading microsoft forums, dell forums, the roxio recommendations and have done every trouble shooter, microsoft fix it....and have done everything that was written for other people...so maybe there's nothing left to do other than take it somewhere (which i don't want to do)...i think i read somewhere that roxio can cause this type of problem. Is there anything left to do? Thanks for you response.
  11. My Cd/dvd Drive Stopped Working

    Although I purchased Roxio 2009 creator in 2009, I recently installed it. I was buring a dvd and my cd/dvd drive stopped working. It keeps telling me to put in a disk. I've tried all kinds of disks, but it won't read anything. Does Roxio change settings? I've deleted and reinstalled the driver but that didn't work. Now I've deleted Roxio and nothing still works.