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  1. Windows Update Failed Due To Roxio

    here is a zip of two log files. Did some digging too and seems the last Easy Cd Creator I had was 7. Then went to the NXT Pro. setupact.zip
  2. Windows Update Failed Due To Roxio

  3. Windows Update Failed Due To Roxio

    Thanks Brandon I did find the CDRAl.dll file and deleted however program is still found. Like I said the last version I had install was the Roxio NXT suit.
  4. Windows Update Failed Due To Roxio

    ok i have deleted most of those before however I did find UDFREADR_XP.SYX, CDUDF_XP.SYS AND DVD_2K.SYS so got those files deleted. I emptied the trash bin and restarted. Guess what same error.
  5. Windows Update Failed Due To Roxio

    Here is a screen shot it doesn't tell you much.
  6. Windows Update Failed Due To Roxio

    Yes it was 5 days before the Fall release because I am an insider. The Error code is 0xc1900208 which is generic for an app is in compatible. Now I run the upgrade from a cd it tells me easy CD creator. I will try to get a screen shot if need be. But what I really need to know is what reg keys to delete to remove the program for good.
  7. Windows Update Failed Due To Roxio

    I have had multiple versions installed over the years, the last version was nxt (first version) The version on windows is windows 10 Preview 16296 Fall Update. windows update just throws an error code. If I burn the windows upgrade iso to disk and run it, that is when it tells me Easy CD creator needs to be uninstalled manually.
  8. Windows Update Failed Due To Roxio

    Soon as of late with windows preview I can no longer install updated due to an app. Well if I upgrade from a disk it shows me it's because of Easy CD creator. I haven't had that program installed in years and no add/remove not even Revo sees it. I went through all files and folders looking for roxio and even regedit. What am I missing to get this program out of the computer for good.
  9. Video Copy & Covert Freeze

    ok I always keep my computer up to date graphic card has newest driver, directx is up to date ect. When I try to repair the software it looks for file RCPROD.msi but it is not found any where on the computer. Now I see if i try to run the install file that is one of the file it unpacks however i tried a system search and it can NOT be found.
  10. Video Copy & Covert Freeze

    Nope tried that today. It did get alot more done before its crashes computer.
  11. Video Copy & Covert Freeze

    Roxio 2011 pro home Copy and convert video Add Source choose file under convert file choose blu-Ray click Start All Files are on my Hard drive and this time im using a 720P WMV File the last time I tried it I was trying to make a backup of a DL DVD
  12. Have Windows 7 Ultimate (X64) version 6.1 service pack 1 AMD Phenom II x4 955 8 GB DDR 3 RAM 65 GB disk space free 298 GB disk drive Roxio 2011 Pro Version: 1.3.166 sp1; Build 131B66A, R04, 600B60A, R04 When Trying to convert windows media file video or a DVD to BluRay (almost any type of conversion or file type) the Program either freezes my computer or causes it to crash and reboot itself.Has happen on more that 1 occation with diferent file formats and conversion types.