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    When You rename folders to old are you supposed to end up with the renamed version and the original version? Or should it just be the renamed version. Rovi_Corporation, Rovi_Corporation.old By the way can't get Roxio (not so easy) Vhs to dvd to work in my computer no matter what I do, but seems to work just fine in my husbands computer. same Windows 10, same antivirus program (by the way didn't shut anything down before I installed it). have shortcut on screen and when I right click for file location it shows the files from 2011 not 2018
  2. Penny Pombert

    Burned Video Does Not Play

    Clicking enter on computer worked, but I want to play DVD on DVD player, just get title. Don't do add menu anymore.
  3. Penny Pombert

    Yellow Faces

    Lately I have been getting a lot of yellow faces when playing/recording VHS tapes in the computer. Is it the an issue with the VHS tapes, the computer or the program Easy VHS to DVD? Anybody else have this problem? Have cleaned the heads in the VHS player.
  4. Penny Pombert

    Vhs To Dvd

    Have used most styles that come with Easy VHS to DVD one looks like a pond with water dripping into it. Can't get any of the Videos I've made to play in Roxio Cineplayer. Plus the VCR I was using the crapped out on me too. I'm new to this and I have no idea if I'm doing something wrong or not just following instructions on easy VHS to DVD window. Funny nothing seems to be all that easy when I do it.
  5. Penny Pombert

    Vhs To Dvd

    Created Video in Roxio Easy VHS to DVD. Menu that comes with Roxio Easy VHS to DVD Tile For Video that I Used on screen and it keeps playing this music over and over again but not the video. For some reason I can play it with Windows Media Player after I click the rewind button its grayed out on Roxio Cineplayer. Didn't think you had to rewind DVDs
  6. Penny Pombert

    Vhs To Dvd

    When I try to Play DVD in Roxio Cineplayer or anyplace else all I get is a title screen and it plays music over and over again.