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  1. No Audio When Imported To Sony Vegas?

    Yes these are the .m2ts files. I did a 10 second capture to upload on UpForDown but it said that the file type can not be uploaded. The file name is the name of the capture with .m2ts at the end.
  2. No Audio When Imported To Sony Vegas?

    I try it in the videowave editor and the audio is fine. But I prefer to use Sony Vegas.
  3. No Audio When Imported To Sony Vegas?

    So I can record everything fine. But once I import the video file into Sony Vegas, there is no audio track at all. Only the video. Only Sony Vegas experts here?
  4. Videowave Problems?

    Okay. How did you resize it? And also, how do I install HUFFYUV? I have it downloaded but I'm kinda lost here.
  5. Videowave Problems?

    I've tried Lagarith and UT but I got nothing but it says the same thing.. I'm a bit confused on how to download HUFFYUV. Can you not edit videos in 480x480 pixels with Videowave?
  6. Everytime I try to edit a video in Videowave, it always crashes. It states that there was inconvinence and that it needs to close. I was wondering if it was because I use AmarecTV and record in 480x480 instead of 720x480. The reason I record in 480x480 is because that is the only way I can record perfectly with no framerate drops or skips. So, any clue what to do about this?
  7. Ultimate Roxio Game Capture Guide

    Yeah, I have the same problem. How do you get to the encoder pages for FFDS?
  8. Not Acknowledging Video?

    Oh, alright. Well thanks for all of the help, Cauptain. Much appreciated.
  9. Not Acknowledging Video?

    Oh okay. So, I have a quick question. I uploaded via Youtube but the video is only available in 240p. Is there a way to change it to 360p or 480p?
  10. Not Acknowledging Video?

    Alright, nevermind the last post. I figured it out and now when I play it back, the audio and video is fine. So, now I try to share it to Youtube and it renders fine but when the Roxio Uploader reaches 100% it gives me an error code and says that the upload failed. Any idea what this is about?
  11. Not Acknowledging Video?

    Everything works fine. But the only problem I have is that my frame rate drops and it messes up the video.
  12. Not Acknowledging Video?

    I have everything installed. But when I get in the program it tells me that there is no signal. And now whenever I plug in the usb, my computer does not even acknowledge the game capture another except when it makes the noise when a usb is inserted. I tried the ampac software but it says that i have no video capture hardware connected. But if I go under audio, it is listed underneath but that is not the case when I click on Video. Help,please?
  13. Not Acknowledging Video?

    So, I installed the program and it loads up fine. But once It gets to the preview screen,nothing is showed. Even though it says that it is ready to capture and everything. Help?
  14. Hello, I was wondering if I needed to purchase ps3 component cables to use my Game Capture even if I play on Standard Definition.