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  1. ISO Burn Issue

    Clanp, click the link a good read on "Burning SACD iso's to DVD-R's - how is that even possible?"
  2. Creator 2012 Pro - ISO image

    Why we call it (C2012) the last best version.
  3. Audio capture with Sound Editor

    Do you show a green check mark for line in when your connected or is it disabled?
  4. SP2 will not install

    How about Help, about this software.
  5. Do you want to do what I asked or not?
  6. Open any folder go to 'tools' 'folder options' view tab, make sure the item in pic I posted is unchecked, apply, ok. Copy the vob file you want, highlight, right click copy, the vob file and right click paste, it on your desktop. Now right click on the vob file on your desktop and click rename, rename the .vob to .mpeg Now load that .vob changed to .mpeg into Video Copy and Covert and see it it complains about a decoder pack message?
  7. Main Program will not start but individual apps do?

    Instead of reinstall is there a repair offered when running the Creator NXT 5 program disc?
  8. What application in NXT 4 did you use to do that?
  9. Is this the software your running? " Red Box version of Easy CD and DVD Burning'? Who made the recent football game" DVD' your trying to copy? Open the DVD disc in my computer like my example and post a screen shot please?
  10. A place for Notes?

    No, whats wrong with using Windows 'Notepad' leave it on your desktop?
  11. Toast 11 (and 9) only able to burn at "best" and 1x

    I would do my burning with the drives that give you " choices of 8, 16 and 24x and I am able to burn at 8x" then. Whats up with the other drive I don't know?
  12. Toast 11 (and 9) only able to burn at "best" and 1x

    I'm not getting it or your not explaining it well?
  13. Toast 11 (and 9) only able to burn at "best" and 1x

    The system might indicate the disc could be burned faster than 16X but that doesn't mean the firmware flashed into the drive would support a faster speed than 16X. Never burn a disc faster than the stated fastest X for the disc used, this case 16X the Verbatim are rated for.
  14. Toast 11 (and 9) only able to burn at "best" and 1x

    I'm not aware of a DVD-R from Verbatim faster than a 16X burn rate.
  15. Blu-ray discs stutter, DVD versions play fine.

    This sounds like a Commercial DVD disc that is illegal to copy in most Countries, if so we don't discuss it on this Board. I'm a Windows guy and Roxio Windows products use a constant bit rate encoder at high quality, that is what eats the disc space.