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  1. Having the DPI at 125% in videowave 'output export as' makes the 'create video file' button disappear when some output formats are chosen! Run the Roxio program at 100% DPI.
  2. JPEG clarity in Roxio NXT Pro6 VideoWave

    Do you have the BD plugin? It is needed for a BD high definition video 1080 x 1920, and needs activated from the program main menu. If you made a iso image file you need a virtual drive to view it, I use Elaborate Bytes Virtualclonedrive. Email sent.
  3. JPEG clarity in Roxio NXT Pro6 VideoWave

    Does it look blurry when it is exported to a rendered file and viewed?
  4. Creator NXT2 - PC Freezes During File Output

    Reboot the PC and shut down all running programs including antivirus and firewall software. Place your installation disc in a drive and run it, choose repair, when done reboot the PC. Any NXT2 updates need to be reapplied. Go to start run and type %temp% and click OK, highlight 'edit, select all' then 'file. delete' a few may not delete Does this help?
  5. Capture Quailty

    Where did you get the drivers for the 'Dazzle 100 by Pinnacle'? How did you install the drivers?
  6. Label Creator Nxt Pro 6

    When did you buy your version? Download or retail boxed version at a store?
  7. Installing an upgrade

    I would but it from Roxio then 30 like it or return it offer. It will uninstall what it needs to before installing NXT 6. Good luck.
  8. Installing an upgrade

    What version of NXT do you own? My DVD has been changed the last few versions and some aren't happy with it!
  9. me too

    They aren't use the menu from NXT 6 to contact Roxio with your complaints!
  10. Flickery Video

  11. Errors

    Call/email Roxio tech support and ask of W-10 Enterprise 1703, is a valid OS for your software that isn't working.
  12. Mydvd Error Creator Nxt 6

    Your Dell Inspirion 15-3552. CPU is under minimum system requirement for the software! You are running on AC? Check your power settings. Try clearing your cache, start run, %temp% and reboot your PC before doing a project.
  13. Roxio Creator Nxt Pro 5

    Well on most DVD settop players making a DVD with no menu should loop and play it again. Is that what your looking for?
  14. Karaoke Cd (Cda) Duplicate

    Posted in general chat wrong forum! What Roxio software are you using and version number?
  15. Is your (DPI) setting set above the 100% default? If so set it at 100% and see if that helps.
  16. Videowave Crashes In Roxio 2012

    Interlaced and Progressive. You have your DPI setting above the 100% default! Change it to 100% and the video file button will appear.
  17. Label Creator Nxt Pro 6

    I've contacted Roxio/Corel support. I was told Label Creator will be added as a future update, no time frame offered, just shortly!
  18. Videowave Crashes In Roxio 2012

    If your loading 16.9 why do 4.3?
  19. Videowave Crashes In Roxio 2012

    It should, properties, details tab?
  20. Videowave Crashes In Roxio 2012

    I think you chose a 4.3 production and not a 16.9 production when you open videowave that has the higher resolution outputs!
  21. Videowave Crashes In Roxio 2012

    I don't run W-10 let me ask someone who does to join the discussion.
  22. Videowave Crashes In Roxio 2012

    Same. Did your videowave work before this with MTS files? Your PC meets minimum system requirements? Any big changes to your PC lately updates and such?
  23. Videowave Crashes In Roxio 2012

    No problem here.