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  1. Roxio Photo Show In Windows 10

    Thanks . I just wish there was a way to upload photo shows I created in Windows 8.
  2. I have windows 10 and Roxio Photo Show will not open. Has anyone had this problem?
  3. Has anyone installed Creator NXT on Microsoft Surface Pro? It downloaded and installed okay, but I can't use the Video applications. I get a message that it needs at least 16 bit color quality. Are there any work around for this? Gail
  4. Exclamation Mark

    Thank you. I will remember that for the future. Gail
  5. Exclamation Mark

    I am sorry, I did not realize that the pdf was a problem. It was just easier than the jpg. Gail
  6. Exclamation Mark

    I think I will reinstall the program. Thanks a lot for your help. Gail
  7. Exclamation Mark

    Here are the screenshots. screenshots.pdf
  8. Exclamation Mark

    The files are images "JPEG" and music "MP3". I have less than 400 pictures in the show. Version 6.0.0 Build 857 Computer maintenance is performed on a regular basis tempory file cleaning every couple of days, defrag when required etc. All updates are installed. 79.6 GB free space on my hard drive, 3.5 GB RAM. Gail
  9. Exclamation Mark

    Yes, the hour glass is present on the error page. I am working on my desktop and all resides on my c drive. Thanks Gail
  10. Exclamation Mark

    Here is the attachment Roxio Exclamation.pdf
  11. Exclamation Mark

    I tried to attack a word document with the screenshot but it tells me I can't attach that type of file. I don't know how else to attach it. Sorry.
  12. Exclamation Mark

    Does anyone know what the problem is when you get a blank page with an exclamation mark in the middle. This page does not let you get back to your photoshow or perform any actions. I have to close the program from this page and open it again to continue. See attached Gail Roxio Exclamation.pdf