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  1. Did you purchase the standalone version of CD Spin Doctor or do you have a version that came bundled with Toast? Presuming you have the standalone version you can download the latest version here.


    If after getting Spin Doctor installed and launched, if you are still having difficulty getting the online audio capture to work, please post again and let me know what OS version you are running.


    I have down loaded that same version three times. Every time I do I always get, "There may be a problem with this disk image. Are you sure you want to open it?" I download it, it run audio capture, and it still does not work." I just tried the download from your link I had the same problem with the "damaged disk image" message. Tried installing Audio Capture and it said the "CDSDaudio capturesupport.kext was installed improperly and can not be used." Any other ideas?

  2. CD Spin Doctor looks to be a great product-If I could only get it to work. Right off the bat, the download (for Mac) says it's damaged and to open at your own risk. Then when you try to install audi support that says it's failed and to contact the manufacturer. Then the manufacturer--yes YOU Roxio--won't take phone calls and puts you through it's gauntlet of web support with solutions that continually do not work. Nor will any one send me a link to an undamaged DMG that will allow me to actually get the audio capture support to work. The worst part is the fact that the version 6.1.1s that is supposed to solve these problems--doesn't.


    Resolves issue where system audio capture driver may generate error message on Snow Leopard

    Resolves issue that may cause audio waveform not to be drawn correctly for long recordings

    Resolves issue that may cause crash when scrubbing back and forth through audio waveform

    Resolves several issues related to Auto Music Capture


    Maybe, just maybe, it's because the version they have listed is "v6.1.1s." Yet, the download is only "v6.1.1"--without the friggen "s."


    Does any body know how to solve my problem? I'm feeling ripped off.