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  1. Nxt 4 Pro Has No Sound In Videowave

    has anyone tried the "MPG" clip I sent, in your nxt-4-pro to see if it works for you?
  2. Nxt 4 Pro Has No Sound In Videowave

    It said no updates available. I just re-downloaded the software this past saturday.
  3. No Sound On Roxio Creator Nxt Pro 2

    I started my own post with this exact same problem. Was it ever resolved. thanks, Greg
  4. Nxt 4 Pro Has No Sound In Videowave

    Thanks for the reply, I have loaded all I was prompted to.I am not sure if sp1 was one of them. The file I am trying to use is a " .MPG". Any help is appreciated. Or even who to contact. M2U00028.MPG
  5. Nxt 4 Pro Has No Sound In Videowave

    HI all, I just downloaded nxt 4 pro last weekend. Its in windows 7 home premium, i7 processor. I am in advance video editing and when I load video there is no sound. Muting is set correctly and volume is up. the videos play fine when playing from the files they are in, there is just no sound as I am trying to work with them in the roxio software. I have used roxio 2009 for the same clips with no problem for years, so its not my videos. I also tried an audio clip in " edit audio" and I have sound, so the problem seems to be in videowave. Does anyone have any suggestions please. Also, I work nights so will have jump into any conversation as I can, Thanks, Greg
  6. 8004520C Error While Encoding

    Grandpa bruce,THANK YOU, THANK YOU. it worked! After I made the file, I went to it and right clicked on "burn with creator". It opened up Roxio creator, but under the "Data-copy" tab. Then Burn disc image, if I am reading my notes correctly. The only thing I can see that is different is that I just opened up MyDVD instead of letting video wave open it., because I tried before to just burn to file, but it wouldnt work. Also after I burnt The first copy I went back to do another, but then I changed my menu first, then added my movie from the file, and I got the encoding error?? Its hard to believe that software is that picky. I did make a change in my project, and burnt another disc, per your instructions, with no problems. Thanks, Greg
  7. 8004520C Error While Encoding

    Grandpa bruce: I have roxio creator 2009. Sknis: I do not do regular maintenance on my pc. but since roxio quit working I have done a defrag, plus deleted all cookies, history, and temp internet files, but it did not help. I do not use a registry cleaner. I'm not really sure what one is:\ I have already uninstalled then reinstalled the software. I had to download sp2 before it would boot up, but I remember it did that a couple years ago when i first installed it. I checked the cnet tuneup site you requested. Im sure that is a good site, but something like that scares me. Maybe its wrong, but I really dont like using stuff like that. I always try to keep any downloading at a minimum to try and avoid pc crashes. sorry.
  8. 8004520C Error While Encoding

    I posted this earlier I believe in the wrong spot. anyway, I have read a lot of people have this problem, but I cant find out how to solve it. My project, which is pictures and music for a slideshow, is in videowave and everything looks good. I click output, burn to my dvd express, then create disc. then the error. it wont even start the encoding. I have completed several of these projects in the past with no problems. System specs: dell 3000 pentium 4, 2.8ghz, 533 fsb microsoft xp. sp3 512 mb ram, 400mhz 57 gb free space on hd. Defrag did not work, plus I reinstalled software with sp2. still no good. the project is 17 min. long Thanks, and I hope someone knows what triggers this error.
  9. 8004520C Error While Encoding

    My hope is a simple answer as to what that error means. I am guessing not enough ram on my pc or something like that. Somebody somewhere must know what triggers that error message? Thanks.
  10. 8004520C Error While Encoding

    I have the project in video wave. I click on output, then burn with my dvd-express, then create disc. I have created several slideshows in the past in dvd format with no problems.
  11. I have read about this problem a lot on here, but nothing has helped yet. I am creating a slideshow to put on dvd. using jpeg, and avi formats from a digital camera. The program acts normal, until I try to burn it.I have done this same project several times in the past couple of years. I have a xp dell, Intel® pentium 4 2.8 ghz, 2.79 ghz-256 ram, with 57.5 gb free space. defrag did not work. I also re-installed the software with service pack 2, same as i had before. The project is 17 min. long. I hope someone can help me. Thanks