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Found 90 results

  1. I wanted to post an issue I recently had, and the solution I found, when the Roxie VHS to DVD 3 Plus device kept showing up as a Dazzle Device in my Device Manager. This all started when I could not receive a video capture after installing the Roxie software and Capture Device. I had just bought a brand new MCI laptop, with Windows 10 x64 bit, Intel i7-7700 processor, a 250gb SSD and 1tb Hard Drive, NVIDIA Graphics Card. My sole intention for the new laptop was to video edit. My only concern at the time was the fact was Windows 10, since I knew some software and devices aren't updated yet for Windows 10. Long story short, I did update the software after installing, still no signal. I made sure all connections to VCR were correct. I had Customer Support send me a copy of the Windows 10 64 bit program update AND the device driver installer package (you will need these). I still could not get it to work. As Customer Support was walking me through the driver install, I notice that the Capture Device kept coming up as Dazzle....not Roxie. After following a couple of Topics on this forum, I had tried uninstalling the Dazzle drivers with the capture unit attached, disconnected it, and then rebooted the laptop. I reinstalled the drivers several times, including downloading them again after turning off my anti-virus/firewall, and then turning off my Wi-Fi. I spent about a week trying to get this sucker to work! I noticed that Dazzle Capture Device was coming up under 'Audio', 'Sound, video, and game controllers', both stating that the device was working properly. But it was also coming up under "Other Devices", but with a yellow warning "no driver for this device". I also noticed that when I went to install the Roxie 64 bit drivers, that the Roxie driver selection was coming up with a Red X after I had selected Modify during the installation process. So here is what I did 1. Installed the Windows 10 64 bit driver again, but changed the Red X to Install on Hard Drive. There is a second driver listed, but that one was already selected to install. 2. Rebooted. 3. Attached the Roxie USB Capture Device to my VCR cables (output), and then to a 2.0 USB port on the laptop. I had a tape in the VCR ready to go. 4. Opened Device Driver, selected the Dazzle USB Capture listed under 'Other Devices', right clicked, selected Update Driver. 5. I chose the options: 'Browse my computer for software drivers' > ' Let me pick from a list of device drivers from my computer'. 6. I then selected the Manufacture: Corel, and the Model: Roxie Video Capture USB, and installed the driver. 7. The device item changed the Dazzle Capture to Roxie Capture, and moved from 'Other Devices' to ' Sound, video, and gamming devices' list, now showing that it was working.. 8. I left the other two Dazzle Video Capture USB Audio Device items alone. So Device Manager still has Dazzle USB Capture under 'Audio' and 'Sound, video, and game controllers'. 9. I then started to play my VCR tape, and opened the Roxie VHS to DVD 3 Plus software, selected either record option, and TADA!!!....I got video (and audio)!!!! I still needed to tweak the video enhancements...but it works! I just wanted to say thanks to the Digital Guru's who support the Roxie VHS to DVD 3 Plus forum. Your suggestions on other posts really helped me a lot!
  2. Available Space On Dvd Is Incorrect

    Help! I am trying to burn a large video file to a data disc, and when I create a new project Toast thinks that the available space on a blank DVD is only 116.3MB (the disc is 4.7GB). Here's what happened: Midway through burning a large file spanned across 3 DVDs, Toast crashed. When I re-opened the software and tried to burn the project again, it said that it would take the 11.8 GB project would take108 DVDs. I've attached screen shots of a new project as well as the project I am trying to burn. The problem is only with DVDs— CDs still come up as 703MB, so the project could be burned to 19 CDs or 108 DVDs. I've uninstalled, reinstalled, re-booted, restored my computer to the backup before the crash, everything I can think of. I'm on a Late 2011 Macbook Pro running OSX El Capitan 10.11.6, and I have the latest version of Toast Titanium 15. Any ideas? Ryan
  3. Dvd Does Not Work On Dvd Player

    I just downloaded toast burn version 2.0.1 and tried to burn a mov file on to a dvd. Once the dvd burned , I inserted on to my dvd player and it said "This disk cannot be played". what should I do? what settings does it need to be on?
  4. Soft Subtitles In Toast

    Hi, I need to burn SOFT subtitles on a DVD. I absolutely need the subtitles to be able to be turned off and on using a disc menu. Is this a function in Toast? If not, can someone please recommend another program for me to use instead? -Kayla
  5. Perhaps this has been noted before but I did not find details so I decided to post this. I created an image file using Toast Titanium 14. Started at "Video", selected the menu style, chose the format as DVD-Video, and added two large MPEG-4 files. When the image file was done I checked it to make sure it plays. My next step was to burn discs. I made 3 copies on Memorex DVD+R DL discs. Checking those for play on the Mac I found they were fine. When I put them into my Sony Blu Ray player I discovered the player would not recognize the discs. It offers an icon with a question mark on it and the word "unknown". Just for the hell of it, I tried a DVD player and the disc ran just fine. Anyone have thoughts? Is this a software issue? A Sony issue? A disc issue? I am running a Mac with OS 10.11.6 and Toast Titanium 14. The Blu Ray machine is a Sony model number BDP-BX59 Thanks so much!
  6. Stuck On Writing Lead-In Again!

    I was using Toast Titanium 12 and having varying success on the creation of DVD and Blu-Ray. I read that it could be a incompatibility issue so just upgraded to Toast 15 and it's still doing it. Both trying to use an img file and using toast to convert an mov file. It gets stuck on writing-lead it each time. Suggestions... My OS is Yosemite 10.10.5
  7. Hello Community, I had made a HUGE mistake by not using Roxio to burn DVD when I upgraded to Windows 10. The disks I burned turned out to be Data Disks and not DVDs. All files seem to be in tact on the DVD (files, data structure, names, size, etc...) is there a way I can turn these data disks into DVD so I can play them on my DVD player Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Wally
  8. Under the features on Roxio's website it says you can, "Produce Hollywood-style DVDs with navigation and professionally designed menus" with Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus and on the box it says you can "Include Hollywood-style menus on DVDs" but I am unable to figure out how to do this. All I can find is a check box to include a menu but nothing to customize it. Am I missing something or was this product misrepresented?
  9. Adding Sessions To Dvd

    Is it possible to add new sessions to a DVD? With a CD there is a Sessions option, but that disappears if I put in a blank DVD. I want to back up photos in batches of 1 GB+ rather than wait till there are 4.7 GB at one go. I have Toast 12 on an iMac running OSX 10.11.3
  10. I'm having no luck burning a DVD with no menu. Previous versions had a Burn DVD - No Menu option. I'm not finding it in the latest version. Build
  11. Dvd Image Cropped On Playback

    Hi, Just purchased Toast 14. I am authoring DVDs, source video is 1280 x 720 .mp4 files. The display is correct when played back on my Mac or PC, but severely cropped when played back on a DVD player connected to a wide screen TV. I am using automatic aspect ratio setting and burning DVD at best quality. I have tried all combinations of aspect ratio settings, automatic, standard and widescreen with the same result. I have tried a few different DVD players, they all recognize and play the DVDs, but all crop the display. I have adjusted the display settings on the DVD players and the TV as mentioned on this forum but that does not solve the issue. All the DVD players I am using are at least 6 years old...could this be the issue? I read the post about changing the IFO settings but am not sure if this will solve my issue. I'm hoping there is an easier solution/answer to this issue. I am authoring a set of 30 DVDs which will be distributed to a an audience with a variety of types of players, so I'm attempting to make the playback as user friendly as possible. I recently made the switch from iDVD where I did not experience this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I see that this topic has been addressed in the past few months and am hoping there is a solution or clear answer.
  12. Hello, I have a file that is supposed to be turned into a bootable CD. Its a .iso file, memtest86.iso. I only have DVD-R disks at the moment. Can I make a bootable DVD using the .iso file? When I try using Roxio Creator DE, it doesn't have the option to burn .iso files, only .img, .bin, and .ima files. I noticed within the memtest86.iso file there is a file with a .img extension it is EFIBOOT.img and it is 6.3MB in size. I tried selecting the file (it's in the .iso file) but ROXIO wi not start the burn process it does nothing when I click the start button. It also does nothing if I select the memtest86.iso file anyway by changing file type to "all". So, I want to make a bootable DVD from an .iso file, is there a way to do it or do I really need a CD? Thanks, Stephen
  13. Hello Everyone, I'm sorry if this topic has already been covered but since I couldn't find the answer to this specific situation anywhere, I decided to create a new post. I own quite a few movies on iTunes and I would like to burn a DVD or Blue-Ray disk in order to watch them on my Blue-Ray player. Yes, I know I can access my movie library through Apple TV, or just connect my computer to the television, but that is not the point. Especially if such things are not available in lets say, a cabin. I just want to burn a disc, put it in a player, and enjoy the movie. Here is what I did: I downloaded the movie from iTunes. Once in my computer, I used TunesKit For Mac (which btw is awesome!) to remove the DRM rights from the .mp4 file. Then I tried using Toast 14 Titanium to create a DVD-Video. It did not work. It gave the error message "XYZ.mp4 is in an unsupported format and cannot be imported". After doing some research, I read that Toast supposedly only supports .mpeg-2 files. Idk if that's correct. I tried to convert the file using Toast as well only to receive the same message. What am I missing? I feel like it shouldn't be this hard... Here is my system info: - OS X Yosemite Ver. 10.10.5 - Toast 14 Titanium Ver. 14.0 - TunesKit for Mac Ver. 2.8.0 - Optical Drive: MATSHITA BD-MLT UJ267AM Movie file Info: - Kind: MPEG-4 movie - Size: 2.9GB on disk - Dimensions: 1916 x 1076 - Codecs: AAC, H.264, AC3, CEA 608 - Color profile: HD (1-1-1) - Duration: 01:10:22 - Audio channels: 2 Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
  14. Create Dvd Icon

    Can you create an icon for the DVD you burn, so when you put it in a computer instead of the generic dvd symbol you see your own personalised icon? if not how on a mac can this be achieved? thanks for any help
  15. Soooo... I Dont have a cd or dvd drive and I need to download the product to use my roxio. I have the cd with me and even the "IMPORTATN - serial number" (key) with me soo I dont know what to do. Can someone help.
  16. I just purchased Roxio Creator NXT3 yesterday, May 26, and I wanted to simply burn a mp4 file I have to DVD to play on various DVD players. It seemed I needed to use the copy and convert option which I did and after the compilation was complete, it never attempted to burn the DVD... when I clicked the lower right GREEN arrow to continue, it started the compilation all over again. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  17. Hello, I just purchased Roxio's Easy VHS to DVD for MAC with the hopes of transferring homemade VHS tapes into DVDs. So far, I have successfully copied the VHS tape onto my Macbook Pro computer and have the files saved on my computer as .mov files. Unfortunately, I am having difficulties burning these .mov files onto DVDs. My questions are as follows: 1) The "Easy VHS to DVD for MAC" seems a little deceiving, in that after browsing the forums a bit, it doesn't seem as if the software comes with direct DVD burning capability. Is it necessary to purchase another DVD burning program (such as Toast?) or is there a way to do this for free? (I had thought Toast was included in my original purchase, but I guess not…) 2) I plan on burning onto standard DVD + R (Memorex and/or Sony) DVDs with the standard 4.7 GB & 120 min. The .mov files that I now have saved from the original VHS tapes onto my Macbook Pro computer are rather large in size (2 hours of film, yet ~10 GB after using Roxio's product). Why so large? Will this be a problem when it comes to fitting the film on the standard sized DVD? Thank you in advance for any and all help - I really appreciate it!
  18. Hi-- My question is: Can I copy home movie DVDs with my Creator DE10.3? Or must I upgrade to another Creator? Thanks for help.
  19. Creating A High Quality Dvd

    Hi, I'm new to Toast. I'm just trying to create a dvd-video suitable for any dvd player with high quality rendition. I realize that if I choose DVD-Video format in Toast 12 the only possible encoding is MPEG-2. If I would like to use MPEG-4 in order to get a higher quality compression, I have to set the format "High Definition DVD". But this format is made only for Blu-Ray players. is it right? So, my question is: how do i get the best possible quality (considering my needs, to watch my dvd on TV)? Any other software (even iDVD) allows MPEG-4 encoding to create a DVD. I'm really confused.
  20. Burning Dvd On Mac

    I have created MPEG2 and MPEG4 DVDs using Toast12 Titanium. Neither of these will play on standard DVDPlayers. I have attempted playing both versions on 4 different DVD Players with no success. I used all of the steps for creating and burning DVDs , no luck! Am I missing something?
  21. I am a photographer and I to know how to create a DVD that will display a single high resolution image when inserted into a DVD player. I photograph interiors and I want the logo of the company to display on the TV. Thanks, Rick
  22. New User

    Just thought I'd throw a few questions out there and see what I get. First, probably a simple one, but if I have a DVD that says 120 minutes, and I'm trying to transfer a video off a tape that was also 120 minutes, why do I get a not enough space message? Next, I picked up a Sony camera at a garage sale the other day, so I can finally transfer my old tapes to DVD. The camera has a S-video connection, and A/V out connection for audio. Why is it that if I connect both the red and white connections to the video capture USB device, I get a loud buzzing from the red connection? I have to record with only the white connection, which works fine but I'm not getting stereo sound. And I guess one more question, somewhat related to the first - I noticed on my first tries that the Roxio app would stop recording at times when I thought I was leaving it to record the whole tape. It took me four "pieces" to record my first 120 minute tape. Thanks anyone!
  23. Warning/information Screen

    I wish to create an information screen on a DVD, à la the warning screen on studio DVDs, that plays before the main menu. Will TT11 do this and, if so, how? Thanks in advance.
  24. Hi Hope I am in the right place. Had to guess. In 2004 I backed up all of my photos onto DVD using a Roxio product that I no longer have. The DVD.s contain Roxio Retrieve Version This was done on Windows XP SP3 (or 2). I hecently changed to Windows 7 and lost all of my photos in the process. These 2 DVD discs do contain all of the files. As far as I can tell there is no deterioratiion as they were well stored. The prblem is that Roxio split a lot of the pictures between the two discs so I cannot just copy the files. When I try to restore with this Roxio it loads and then tells me it is restoring 8000 files but always stops "Roxio retrieve has stopped working" about halfway through disc one. It is at a different number each time. I suspect that the problem has to do woth running in Win7 but the Win 7 troubleshooter has ' it asys" created a Win XP enviornment for it to run in and the same problem happens. 1-Is there a way to restore with some kind of update? 2-Failing that is there a way to recombine the thousands of photos in sixteen foldere that have been slpit? Can anyone help please? Back in '04 we never thought that the software wouldnt work when it came time to restore or that the rntire systen would be gone leaving no trace for upgrades. Thanks
  25. 5.1 Surround Sound Audio Cd

    Hi all, I am new to this forum. I have to burn a 5.1 audio files in ac3 format in audio CD. Is it possible to do? I want only the audio and menu and no video. I use Toast 10.