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I am having same symptoms as Zang with Direct to DVD on HP Win7 platform:

- video initially displays when VHS starts playing, pressing record causes video to disappear

- stop recording after 1 min, 'finishing' never ends, have use Task Mgr to 'end application'

- Starting EasyVHS results in Windows Detected Error about 40% of time


However, I note that when prompted to insert DVD, Win7 will pop-up widows asking if Data or DVD disc, and asking to drag files to the burner list, etc - looks like Roxio and Win7 are both trying to control the device/DVD.


Following this Win7 will not allow DVD to eject. I must e-start r shut down to get control of drive.



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It is BEST to start your own Topic instead of trying to make your problems fit into someone else's -_-


First of all there is no such thing as a conflict to control a drive.


For your issue, I suggest you try a different source - a DVD or BD Player anything that can be hooked up the same way your VCR is.


Barring that, try a commercial tape or two for testing purposes.


Let us know what happens with the tests.

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