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Easy Vhs To Dvd 3 Plus Wont Work


I have Sony Viao Windows 7 i5 and using memorex DVD+R 8.5 GB. Follow instructions to record a 30min apprx VHS video. After several attempts was able to make a 4 min video, stopping early to test if interminable "fiishing" would finish, it did but video wont then play on anything including the computer although I can view it within Roxio Otherwise got a video to complete recording then was 'finishing' for like 5 hours. Went to bed - next day Roxio had closed. Video wont play on anything nor does windows see files.


Did Widows compatibility check and got message prrgram is not compatible

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Not much to go on...


Memorex is considered by most to be only slightly better than 'No Name' brands... Burned DL discs are harder for Players to use but I doubt either of these 2 are your problem.


Compatibility Mode should NEVER be used for anything unless the software specifically tells you to do so!!! (if you did, you need to uninstall the program)


Long processing time can be do to many factors, with Processor merely being One of them ;) (I5 doesn't tell us anything there are something like 20 different versions)


Biggest factor is the quality of the Source files vs the Quality and changes you made for the Output.


If you 'Recorded' something it should be 720 X 480 @ 9kbps. Then if you output as a HQ DVD it would be the same and the fastest to process provided you didn't make any huge changes!


Big Changes would be any of the 'Video Enhancements', multiple trims or large changes between quality or format between the Source and the Output.


But to give you an idea, a 1:1 ratio in time is about what we expect these days or even better -_-


30 minutes cut to 4 minutes is pretty big change depending on whether is was done with One Trim or 20 Trims...


You mention DVD so I am guessing you chose DVD as your output???


Look at the DVD with Windows Explorer, does it have a folder called, VIDEO_TS?


Within that folder are there files ending with VOB?

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Thank you for your response.


I did not install in compatibility mode that I know. I inserted the Roxio disc and followed the instructions.


I did not use any enhancements, just record.


Is Core TM i5 - 2450M



64 bit

Windows 7 Home Premium


Yes to DVD as output


The VHS is abut 20 years old and is of karate katas with music background


I tried to make one DVD and it was "finishing" for several hours so I stopped it. Then that DVD could not be read.

I used a second bank DVD and recorded about 4 minutes of the video, stopped recording, it took a while to finish. This video can be viewed in the Roxio window but not on a DVD player or on a computer.

I then used a third DVD and recorded the whole video of about 30 min. It was taking more than 5 hours "finishing' so I went to bed The next morning it had stopped. The Roxio program had closed. The DVD seems to have nothing on it either in Roxio program or in Explorer.


Now I can not open Roxio program

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Lets do a proper repair!


First thing to do is to turn off your Anti Virus, Firewalls, Registry Cleaners, etc.


Unplug your Roxio Capture Device and put it aside until you are completely finished.


Now insert your Roxio Disc.


Be sure you accept the offer to Check for Updates (this is for Roxio, not Windows)


When you reach the screen where
is offered, choose that!


When the Repair completes, turn your AV & Firewall back on and reboot.

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I should also mention that the "Normal" process is to Capture the video and save it or edit and output to Computer using HQ Settings.


Then load that outputted file and output it using the DVD setting (also HQ). This way minimizes your chance of losing a disc ;)


You never did tell us if you have those files and folders I specifically mentioned should be on the disc you burned...

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