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Can I Add Video & Html Pages?

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Good morning,


I used to create data cd's where I had both videos and html pages on each cd. These were training cd's.


As I now must use DVD's, I would like to have both video and html pages on the cd.


Here is what I have:


videos I saved as wmv format and pages are html along with a lot of .jpg images.


My question is, what is the proper format for the videos to be played on both a dvd player and computer?


Note: On the old cd's, I inserted the autoplay function so when the cd was placed in the player, the cd automatically started and brought up the index.html page.


Will it work in Windows 8.1?


Any advice will be appreciated as I bought the Roxio Burner but found that it doesn't work on Windows 8.1. Wasted $19.99.


Thank you,



Melbourne FL

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What software do you really have?


You posted in a forum for the Easy CD Creator 6, which has been out of productions for 12 years :o


What you want to do can be done but it will require some doubling up on the files and may not present the way you think it should... Of course it will take software that is compatible with your OS ;)

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