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The Fallacy Of The Free Upgrade To Windows 10


Ah yes. The free upgrade. Based on the number of posts in the forum reporting conflicts with either recently purchased software and/or older software, one has to wonder if much time was spent either considering and/or determining whether existing or new software programs would function with the "free" upgrade. As is often stated, "There is no free lunch". Now the question becomes, how much longer can Microsoft users viably continue to use the previous operating systems? My intent is to go as long as possible, and this determination was made after using Win 10 on a trial basis. It did not provide features that satisfied any unmet needs.


By the way, it required quite a bit of doing to eliminate the aggravating pop-up that appeared each time Internet Explorer was opened. Sadly, Microsoft was quite deceptive with some of their updates. Several are telemetry updates that provide information to Microsoft about one's computer and also installs what became an incessant nag to update to Win 10. If anyone wished to know which updates are related to Win 10, it can be found on the Win 7 forum.

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