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Is There A Way To Shift All Text Effects At The Same Time?


I have just finished a 10 minute video for Youtube and decided that I want to add a picture to the beginning of the production. Easy enough, but I have about 12 text effect "comments" timed throughout the video. Of course, I don't do it enough to remember the best way.....and I didn't embed the comments in the production, but instead added them as separate items. (Does that make sense?) So when I go to add the picture for the title page it shifts all the video, but not the text. That of course messes up the timing.


Can I do any of the following?


- Shift all the text at the same time (So if the picture last 10 seconds, I can push back all text 10 seconds.)

- embed the text now after the fact?

- Shift ALL ITEMS in the production when I add the pic?


I am open to any other way then having to go back and watch the video and move comments (again) to the right spot.


I greatly appreciate your help in advance!



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Output your project to a video file (without the extra). Open a new project, add that extra and then the video file you just outputted (? :blink: .


In the future , add the text to the internal track of the image or video file so if you have to move it, the text stays with the image/video.

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